Her World & FHM photoshoots

That’s me and BFF back in the office after the FHM photoshoot at Mediacorp Publishing studios this afternoon. The hours just flew by but I really had fun with the creative & editorial team. As always, the FHM guys are complete professionals in what they do, so we wrapped up very efficiently and I can’t wait for it to come out! The styling was different this time, from last December’s FHM which had an exclusive 6-page spread of yours truly. With the SATC dress and hair, I could’ve pulled off a Carrie Bradshaw!

It was quite funny because the make-up artist they got for the shoot actually asked me which agency I was from and I raised a very confused eyebrow. It was only later that she realized I wasn’t a professional model and I couldn’t help but giggle at her completely stunned expression when I revealed that I’m not from any modeling agency. She was telling me that I so totally fitted the bill and was just asking me what I do, when I got dragged away because everyone was waiting to start the actual shoot. LOL!

So yep, check out the upcoming July issue of FHM which is available islandwide come mid June *grin* There’s also an additional surprise, but more on that later… hahaha… don’t you just love suspense? Buy the magazine!!!

That’s Ade and me yesterday after my feature photoshoot with Her World magazine. The popular ladies magazine had the shoot done at The Arena in the afternoon and everything looked gorgeous! This will be out in their July issue too, and I got to try some pretty dresses the savvy stylists from Her World specially got for me. One was a few thousand dollars even, so that was pretty awesome. They liked my sexy red heels and are such professionals that they even knew where I got those shoes from at just one glance! Super duper cool chicks indeed.

We had fun yakking and the editorial & creative team on site were just amazed at what I’ve bravely chosen to do for my bread and butter, despite the risks and the fact that it’s just so unorthodox. Besides talking more about my Mega Escape happening on 5 July, they were also curious about how it all started for me *grin* To them, it’s an amazing route for a girl who really started from scratch and is now doing Singapore’s first permanent illusion show at Clarke Quay because of her passion for magic and illusions.

Thus far, everyone who’s talked to us have vocalized that they think Ultimate Magic at The Arena is a really great concept and what’s really sweet is that they’ve been incredibly supportive and encouraging with us doing this new ‘first-of’! To be honest, I feel really privileged to be chosen to do this really, and I will definitely work my hardest to give my best. I’ve never thought I’d be helping put Singapore on the world magic map and I’m just going to keep pushing the envelope and go beyond.

I’d like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who has been SO NICE to me one way or other, I really do totally appreciate you taking the time and effort in all that you do. Your letters, cards, messages, emails, calls, etc are very special to me. I used to think that it was so unfair that others were badmouthing me (when I’ve never even done anything to them and they don’t even know me personally) and spreading untruthful rumors that were simply unkind and uncalled for – but I guess this is showbiz and well, girl meets world.

Anyways, I’ve chosen not to get into these silly politics and while some people tell me to defend myself, I’ve chosen to just ignore all that noise and simply focus on my work. Hearsay and gossip happens to people worth talking about anyway, right? *guffaw* Oh it’s hilarious, but such is life. I actually have a favorite quote from my favorite singer (she’s such an inspiration) stuck to my wall.

I’m tough, I’m ambitious, and I know exactly what I want.  If that makes me a bitch, okay.  ~Madonna Ciccone




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2 responses to “Her World & FHM photoshoots

  1. Heys NING ! You look super fantastic . How time flies huh ? haha .=) . Huron , Uncle BOB , Shade and a few others will be coming to Malaysia next week . Will be hosting them here . Hope to see you soon .=)

  2. admin

    Thanks David!

    I’m flying up to KL next week but most likely won’t have time to chill because I’m needed back in SG right after the event. Will text you when I touch down in Malaysia though. Take care!!!


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