Why is everyone around me suddenly getting married?!

Haha… that is so cute… would anyone put this on their cake? *grin*

Right, so Nats is getting married in a couple of weeks and while I’m super busy with work and trying my best to put together the most memorable hen party ever for her (a SATC night to remember!), I’m reminded of Joyce’s big day later this year as well and I just got a call from Mellie who dropped the bomb that she’s having her wedding next March.

Like, whoooaaaah!!!

To be honest, I feel really HORRIBLE because I had to turn down darling Joyce’s request of me being the emcee for her very special day because her wedding falls on a performance day at The Arena and I’d only be done with the show around 8ish and would be late even, when I can finally get my butt down to the venue. At least with Mellie, I know I can make it because her wedding’s held on a Sunday, which is the only day J C & I don’t have a show at the club during our 16 month long performance contract.

I’m tremendously happy for my girl friends but seriously, what’s up with the sudden proliferation of engagements and weddings, because the last I checked… I’m only 25 and these girls are all my age, or younger But anyways! The Queenies and I are planning a wicked hen’s nite for Nats the weekend before her wedding… no point in doing it just the night before when we all have to be up early in the morning!

For some inspiration I was checking out Cashmere Mafia, which is totally SATC (Sex And The City) on testosterone and more realistic.  The wickedly good show is all about four very witty and sassy empowered professionals with 2 X-chromosomes and aren’t afraid to use it. These four hot babes with different individualities met in University and have been BFFs since then… and for some uncanny reason, I can almost draw vague parallels of them to us Queenies. Hmmm mmm mmm.

Righty, gotta go catch some shut-eye now… I’ve a location photoshoot tomorrow with Her World for their July magazine issue, as well as, an exclusive interview with STUFF magazine later in the day & another photoshoot and interview with FHM the day after. And I haven’t even mentioned my magic show bookings for the week too! See J C’s blog for updates on the media we got for our projects… I think it’s totally FANTASTIC that they understand where we are coming from and are so supportive!!!

Okie dokies. Ta for now, more later…



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6 responses to “Why is everyone around me suddenly getting married?!

  1. nats

    Yup!! I second that Cashmere Mafia and the Queenies co-relate A LOT! 😀 Totally enjoyed the series that I gave up 2-3 hours of sleep almost every night just to finish the episode.

    And I’m soooo looking to the hen’s night. I trust its going to be a blast – with good company, what more can I ask for!

  2. Mellie

    we’re 26 hun… 😉

  3. No kidding about Mel! I went from gobsmacked to incredibly excited in the space of a minute.
    Oh and HELLO! It’s been a while, the bride to be mentioned you got into magic in a big way.. awesome to find you doing well mate! Don’t be a stranger.

  4. admin

    Mellie – I’m still 25 till October!!! 😉

    Clara – Totally happy to hear from you babe, it’s been AGES! Hope to find time to meet up with you before Mel’s wedding next March! 🙂

    Nats – Your all-important hen’s nite is sooooooo gonna be one totally memorable party. Queenies are going to paint the town red, baby!!! 😛

  5. It’s never so much the finding time, more geographical location. I’m in Oz till mid June and then off to the US for a bit of a trip and get back here toward the end of July. Come visit anytime from August 🙂

  6. admin

    Would love to honey but my 16 month+ contract with the Arena for Ultimate Magic starts from Aug all the way till the end of next year or earl 2010! Anyway, you know where to find me 😉

    Take care my darling!!!

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