Mummy’s Day

Last weekend we celebrated Mother’s Day at the cozy Tung Lok restaurant at Central Mall near Clarke Quay, thanks to a very well-connected friend of mine who was able to pull strings to get me a table at the very last minute! The place was really packed but the good was great and it was one of the biggest lunches I’ve had for a long time. YUM! In between the scrumptious dishes, we found some time taking photos as well!

The folks mulling over lunch choices. Decisions… decisions… decisions…

Me and my sisters… my 2nd sis always gets mistaken for a pretty Indonesian Chinese lass, while everyone thinks my baby sis looks like Shu Qi. I say, we’re just 3 hot babes with our own individuality! Yowza!!!!

Cheshire cat grin Daddy-O & sleepy MM Lee!

Spot the similarities…

Yours truly…

We so need a new camera. My baby sis was using an old digicam, not a popart camera… in case you’re wondering what’s up with the color saturation and hues. I swear, my sisters and I must have gotten our kooky sense of humor from Dad.

Dad trying to do a Horatio Crane (CSI:Miami) …but he isn’t as convincing without his dark sunglasses.

…But not a bad job anyways! Bravo, Daddy-O!

The bunch of us celebrated Mom’s birthday early tonight with a dinner at another Chinese restaurant in town. Dad wanted to go to Vivocity’s No Signboard but the Chinese restaurant was completely full and couldn’t accept anymore bookings when I tried to get us a table. So MM Lee chose Dragon Gate at Harborfront, since my uncle brought them there before and she quite liked their crabs. I didn’t think my folks would like Keppel Bay’s Prive as much as I did, so I didn’t suggest it.

Speaking of Prive, the last time I went, they took over an hour to serve my steak burger and it actually came 5 minutes after I cancelled it. The restaurant manager was apologising for the delay due to peak hour and wanted to bag it for me without any charge but I’m not your typical Singaporean so I didn’t jump at it… still, I appreciated her gesture anyway, even though I really wasn’t hungry anymore by then (the focacia bread with olive oil was so filling!) and we had a movie to catch!

Anyway, with Dragon Gate… We had a little issue with service again though, with dessert arriving before the final dish of crabs! LOL. I guess the staff (it makes me nervous when they look pissed off when you call them over… like, the last thing I’d want is for someone to spit in the soup, know what I mean?) were a bit frazzled since there was a wedding happening at their private function hall! Still, food aside, it’s the company that counts totally and that’s why family time rocks!



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