‘Magic Babe’ Ning in MagicSeen magazine – Part 2!

TADAH!!!! That’s a little sneak speak above… Issue 20 is now out and if you prefer a convenient download instead of the original magazine, check out the PDF softcopy at the official MAGICSEEN website! MagicSeen is Europe’s No. 1 magic magazine and their prior issue (Issue 19) had my 4 page interview with pictures.You can read more about MagicSeen’s exclusive ‘Magic Babe’ Ning interview (part 1 of 2) in my prior blog entry *grin* Thus far, only J C Sum & I are the only professional magicians featured in their magazine from this part of the world. They did a little blurb on our Ultimate Magic show @ The Arena too, simply because it’s quite a stir to them… that Singapore’s finally having it’s very own permanent illusion show at a fixed venue. More on that later

Today’s been a crazy day with me starting this TGIF at 8am because of 2 back-to-back meetings in the morning. We’ve just firmed up another official magazine to partner our projects and they’re really thrilled about my upcoming Mega Escape: The Impalement Cage because they identify what we have as truly unique & special. It was pretty darn cool to me, when these media folks nodded and said that they fully understood that "it’s not just another magic show".

Right after that it was another fruitful external meeting on a big project that I’m personally really THRILLED about because it’s really very, very exciting. We were approached because of our proven track record and well… More on that later, I promise *GRIN* I swear… those 2 hours just flew by so fast, it was that intense! I think it’s really pretty cool how our Concept:Magic team is recognized as being THE company to approach whenever anyone needs something that’s full of impact, yet, practical to achieve.

J C & Will are especially busy right now too, with their involvement in ILUSI 2.0 which will be aired later this year in MediaCorp TV’s Suria channel. Our dear ‘Iron’ Will was singled out to be the star of the series which will see contemporary magic, illusion, escapes and more. J C was singled out to be the magic consultant as this project is much, much more complex than the first… and it’ll be filmed not just here in Singapore, but Thailand and Indonesia too!

I had a show at the Singapore Flyer today, but not before my radio interview with LUSH 99.5FM on Mediacorp Radio! It was an interview about yours turly, Magic Babe, as a personality & it touches on my Mega Escape: The Impalement Cage, as well as, our 16 month performance contract at The Arena for Ultimate Magic. Check it out next Saturday, it’s going to be on DJ Chris Ho’s show as well! I’ve always liked the radio station’s blend of sexy, sensual, smooth music… anyone who digs Hotel Costes is a comrade!!!


Anyway, I had my first experience at the Singapore Flyer today, which you know, is our country’s latest tourist attraction. The view was truly breath-taking… at 165m off the ground, you certainly get a refreshing perspective! Shawn, Sherm & I were booked to entertain one capsule each as the company that hired us had accquired 3 capsules for their corporate event (besides the nice lounge area that had a smashing bar). I was given the last capsule, which had all the important VIPs and CEOs but that’s completely my cuppa tea! *wink* To be honest, the capsule was a lot smaller than I thought but time just flew and everyone was HAPPY. You see, besides doing my close-up magic which I was hired for, I also threw in a little something at the finale… my Straightjacket Striptease act, right smack in the middle of our capsule of the world’s largest observation wheel!

I received a few business cards from the Vice-Presidents I entertained, and one (‘Uncle Rodney’ who’s in his 60s) was especially pretty darn cool… he really loves magic and kept that classic ‘paper to money’ trick in his wallet. He was such a sport, I invited him to be my personal assistant during my finale act – and we all had fun during that act, with my captive (pun intended) audience cheering him on as this sporting VP strapped me up. I love it when these big guys know how to have fun and leave all that stuffy exterior in the office. LOL!

After a quick dinner, it was another business meeting (gah… more discussions!!) before I could finally head home. Talk about a long Friday! I received an SMS from a friend just before I hit the lights and well, the offer of supper with yummy beancurd at Geylang was suddenly appealing though I was completely shagged. Haha… I know I don’t look it but I have a soft spot for good beancurd (with peanuts!) and the DELISH chasiew baos from Tanjong Rhu! The latter are small no doubt, but it’s not about the size…. it’s how they make it! I was really so in love with my lil bro Shaun when he brought a box in last week. YUM. Simple stuff but it just keeps the soul happy.

Oh yeah, do catch DEATH DEFYING ACTS in the movies right now if you can. I watched a late night show with my BFF earlier in the week and she loved it. The movie about the legendary Houdini (acted by Guy Pierce) also stars Catherine Zeta Jones and has an interesting take on this magician/ escape artist. Houdini is really one of my personal heroes and this film is inspired by his life. Ade liked that they showed this softer side to him & me, well, I just find it uncanny that SG has finally decided to release this BBC film at this moment… with my Mega Escape and Ultimate Magic shows coming up! *grin*


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