A beautiful day…

I remember losing a very close friend who I completely adored, to cancer when I was about 14. At that age, I didn’t understand why she had to die when she was so young with so much to live for and it just didn’t seem fair at all because she’d been one of the most thoughtful and selfless people around. I was so angry with everyone and everything back then, it honestly took years for understanding and acceptance to finally seep in… that, such is life.

She’ll always be in my memory forever and every time I see an origami heart, I remember her with a smile because she taught that to me. The secrets of its creation were revealed to me, in tender folds and patient creases. She was wise beyond her years, I know this now. Besides folding origami hearts from paper, she also taught me something magical… which has worked well for me, for over a decade.

Look at the sky when you’re having a bad day, Ning… you’ll feel better, trust me.

She’s absolutely right. As she’s always been.

We can all subscribe to different religions and belief systems, hold various philosophies and schools of thought, but we share the same reality – what happens in China and Myanmar affects the rest of the world as well. This means us. We share the same Earth, we breathe the same air, we live under the same sky. The natural disasters that have whipped through these countries the past few days have been so horrible. Lives and homes have been tragically lost & it honestly pains me to think of the mental anguish victims have to go through. The emotional distress the children must be going through especially, is not a light matter, so besides well wishes and prayers, do try to lend your support to help those affected.

The Singapore Red Cross is currently running 2 exercises – one for the China Earthquake & the other for the Myanmar Cyclone Nargis Relief Efforts. You know what to do, so don’t wait too long… There’s no more time to lose!!! Also, check out the UNICEF official website while you’re at it.

A lot of times I hear people grumbling about how it is such an unkind world out there, etc but the truth of the matter is… it is! It really is! Because there will always be imperfection in this world; and people are people. Still, I completely believe in paying it forward & doing random acts of kindness to make the world a better place. It’d make a difference eventually. Read Catherine Ryan Hyde’s book if you can… it may change your perspectives on life.

If you think it’s rainy right now, it will be sunny soon.


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