A 2nd production run!

Gerard sent me the MMS above when he was out at one of the popular TS Video chainstores in the afternoon. Apparently they’ve done another production run of J C’s street magic TV series… which is Singapore’s first street magic TV special, played on MediaCorp’s Channel 8 in 2006. The first run of the official VCDs was completely sold out in both Malaysia and Singapore by the end of 2006 so there seems to be a big demand! *grin* We have a few official copies of the DVD version (extra features like commentaries and more bits!) which is exclusive to us, left in our office so if anyone’s interested, feel free to holler

It’s been a really crazy day at work but I’d like to assure ALL customers who placed orders last month at Magic Boutique, that your packages should be reaching you very shortly. It will reach your door by this Friday and there’s also something really special we packed in… to thank you for your support, we’ve given away a set of 4 high quality super soft sponge balls to each and every customer who made a purchase last month – regardless of how much they spent! *grin*

Yup, there was no shouting out of this special treat for our customers because it isn’t a marketing trick to get people to spend more or whatever. It’s just that we sincerely treasure your support so once again, THANK YOU for shopping with Magic Boutique! We’ve just picked our winner, Wesley, who’s been contacted by email so we’ll be putting up his picture on our website as usual, once he comes by to personally pick up his $300+ magic hamper chock full of new goodies! Are we generous or are we generous? *wink*

BFF and I ate at Botak Jones after work today and I’m still feeling so full after the steak and sides… wonder if Ade’s as sluggish as me right now. Heh. She just got an interview request from a local magazine, so that’s really cool. She’s such an awesome girl. More on that later!


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