Music therapy!

Ohhhhhhhhh yeeeessssssssss!!!!

I finally got my new Portishead CD!!!! Their latest album, THIRD, took 11 years to come out and I’d got the rest of their stuff. I’ve been meaning to get it since the review of it first came out in the newspapers a few days ago but was horrified when the staff from the popular music store I always go to, said they didn’t have it yet. Doh! So anyway, I made time after dinner earlier to grab the CD and I’m proud to report, it’s happily spinning on repeat mode in my laptop. I’m so gonna drive the fellas at work crazy later. *evil maniacal laugh*

Seriously… IT’S BEEN SO LONG, BABY!!!

After all these years, Portishead still sounds the same, yet different… but it’s all good and I love their unique blend of music very much so still. Lately, I’ve also been listening to original music by creative underground musicians like Motoko Ishii. It’s very experimental and alternative, which I feel, is extremely sexy. It’s not everyone’s cuppa tea though (just like some art films). Oh yeah, I bought a Pink Martini CD too, because I lent mine out and it never came back. Hate when that happens! Anyway, I really love their catchy little song Sympathique! Check out their seriously cute video… it’s refreshing!

Leaving the store, I noticed something really cute in the window of a shop and decided to get it for Gunbileg, my adorable ‘adopted son’ in Mongolia. Writing to my little boy keeps me grounded I feel, because in all my letters to young and dashing Mr Batsaikhan (which are translated by a staff of World Vision Mongolia), I am constantly reminded how blessed I am. To be honest, I think people generally take things pretty much for granted – simple things really… like the people around you, what we already have, the safety and tranquility and stability we’ve been so accustomed to because of our extremely efficient government, and so much more! Singaporeans are truly a lot more comfortable (so why are we always complaining!?) than people in other ASEAN countries seriously. Myanmar for instance, as most of you may know, is recovering from Cyclone Nargis that left over 20,000 homes destroyed and up to 2 million people are affected by this deadly disaster

Don’t just feel bad… do something! See Worldvision Singapore‘s website on how you can help if you can. Obviously I’m not affiliated to this charity organization but they’re nice people with good intentions, simply trying to make the world a better place. Don’t get depressed now, such is life… but trust me, there’s always good things to look forward to when one has a positive outlook. Play some feel-good music if that makes you happy.

…Or okay, I’ll loan you my new Pink Martini CD, okay? Heh.


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