A source of inspiration…

It’s Sunday and I was home finishing up some work when I felt I needed to get a good break and needed to grab some dinner anyway. My sisters and I decided to head down to a popular mall near us for some grub and stretch our legs. A source of inspiration to me is to actually take a walk around my favorite craft and fabrics store *grin* And boy, was I glad I did!!! I felt so much more alive after that and a lot more re-charged!

Check out my wacky photos… my sisters were practically cracking up as we did our antics. One stood guard as look out, while the other played shutterbug. One thing I learnt is to never take yourself too seriously! Life’s just way too short not to have fun *grin*

Princess Ning and her feather boas…

BEAD GIRL by day…

BAD GIRL by night…

If you didn’t know better, you’d think that this was a panel from a comic book. In reality however…

…This is a fugly looking DRESS. Good God. What were they thinking?!

A few steps away, I found something interesting. The male model totally reminds me of a young and dashing Jonathan Pendragon. On the other hand however, my little sis told me the guy looked like Prince William to her but she was squinting. Hard.

I swear, this is the CUTEST skull pattern ever. It so makes me wanna be a pirate and sing "Yohoho and a bottle of Rum!" on a ship!

So a few aisles away I saw something that reminded me of the Pendragons. But here, well, it’s a total Jeff McBride deja-vu!!! If you call yourself a magician but have no inkling of his fabulous mask act, please shoot yourself. *hands rubberband gun over on loan* Thanks.

Me doing a Zoolander…

Okay, this was the last picture we managed to take before we got our asses hauled out by the store’s security guard. Just kidding. We found this random piece of… strange, chucked away in the costumes section. It’s probably a reject since it didn’t come with full legs anyway but at least I can now show the guys in the office that my grueling work-out sessions are finally starting to pay off. I’d probably start looking like Chyna soon. You know, the female pro wrestler who’s like a scary Xena:Warrior Princess steroid freak? Awww yeahhh… *flexes muscles* Really sexxxy…

LOL. We had fun and even caught a funny movie on a whim after dinner. Harold & Kumar 2: Escape from Guantanamo Bay was completely WICKED and had me in stitches the entire time!!! I’m so going to get the DVD when it comes out. It’s been quite awhile since I was so badly entertained. Also, I never knew how good John Cho looked as an emo! Heh. More importantly, I’ll never look at meat sandwiches the same way again. Ever.

Catch it if you can, the wacky movie’s certainly not to be missed!


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