I’m a bona-fide celebrity!

"Possessing a mesmerizing face and sexy body, Ning Cai (25 years old) is the country’s only full-time female magician…"

Nope, this isn’t a line from a man’s magazine. This was in my newspaper article in today’s Shin Min Daily News that was horribly taken out of context. Read on! I honestly found it so funny


To all my loved ones and blog readers out there, please DO NOT get frazzled by what you read in today’s copy of Shin Min Daily News. It is so laughable because the sensationalized article about me was SO completely trashy… to the point that all of us at work actually laughed so hard till we cried tears of amusement while Ade read it out loud. Check out the title (translated from Mandarin to English):


Wuahahahahahahahahahahahaha… What a corny feature title! They took EVERYTHING I said COMPLETELY OUT OF THE GIVEN CONTEXT!!!! I know a lot of people from the media read my blog so I’m sure their eyeballs are rolling at what’s Shin Min Daily News has done. This certainly brings editorial creativity to a new level! Seriously, we’ve had press interviews with so many different publications before, but this is the first time a publication has low-balled me.

I’m so glad I did the interview via email (everything’s in black and white!) and still have the email exchanges, as well as, the copy of the Q&A I replied them. I will definitely be more careful next time in communicating with Shin Min Daily News and I’m sincerely sorry if I made anyone worried. I received severals text messages from concerned friends about the shocking news they read (sorry to disappoint honey, it’s all baloney!) …so I really want to say another THANK YOU to you guys (you folks know who you are!) who cared enough to ask if that’s true because, most people take things at superficial face value anyway. Yawn. But what’s new right? Another mud sling. I think I’m beginning to understand how Britney Spears feels. Seriously. I’m "big enough" to make the gossip tabloids!!! Wuahahahahahahaa…

Just to make things crystal clear, I sent an email on J C’s request to the reporter and editor of Shin Min Daily News to sum up the obvious fact that… I have NEVER at any point of time mentioned that “I often get sexually harassed” like they printed!

They totally misquoted the context when I mentioned that I do occasionally get ‘heckled’ by audience members but hellooooooooo… so do other performing magicians! They completely disregarded my long bit about AUDIENCE MANAGEMENT! Also, the whole "sexy clothing request by clients” was so made up because I’ve never had that unprofessional request before.

What was even stranger was their  “often meet these guys who try to be touchy feely (directly translated as ‘touch hand touch leg’) who drink too much” bit because it’s again another awfully wrong context. I mentioned that guests at cocktail events will be served drinks at these events but are never offensive. I certainly do NOT get groped! I also highlighted the fact that I’m booked for high-end events and these corporate crowds consists of PMEBs (professionals, managers, executives and business people) who are very respectable people and carry themselves well.

I understand Shin Min Daily News want to sell sensationalism but trying to fit me into their story is quite unethical ‘creative journalism’ really. But there’s a lighter side to all this negativity really, when you see the other way of looking at it. Like good ole Dad always said, there’s always 2 sides to a coin

Check out J C’s animated response to it on Singapore Magic Circle. It’s true… which other magic performer here has made it to the tabloid’s gossip columns? Ah, the price of fame and success… LOL!




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9 responses to “I’m a bona-fide celebrity!

  1. Nita

    Though i knew Shinmin tend to sensationalize stuff, i didn’t expect you get onto that paper, Ning!! The price of fame and success indeed! So glad to hear that there’s not truth in that article..

  2. Yew Fu

    WOW.. I didn’t know chinese tabloids can write stuff so out of context… Eye-opening!! I would have sued them if i were you!

  3. Beni

    You’re famous! That’s why!

  4. Michael from New York

    It is a shame but not surprising that this newspaper, or for that matter many other newspapers and media, would misstate the facts in order to sensationalize a story in order to attract viewers. The higher a person climbs up the ladder of success and the more publicity a person obtains, the more likely that the media, as well as private individuals, will distort the facts for their own financial and personal benefit. The high personal price of fame.

  5. david

    wah… so dispicable that they would do such things. But, its true. its only becoz u r famous that they would even write abt u. Don’t worry abt them, every1 knows tt newspaper is rubbish anyway.

  6. lyong1969

    I’ve watched your career grow with interest over the past year. You have attained a level of success in such a short time, faster than any other local magician that I’m aware of. But, this type of ‘publicity’ comes with the territory along with the jealousy and malicious of others who have not reached your success. Don’t let them get to you and know that you have many who do support you 100% 🙂

  7. Anita

    We all know SOME chinese newspaper write crap… Marks that you’re famous!!

  8. admin

    Thanks so much everyone, you guys are simply AWESOME and I really sincerely appreciate your vote of confidence *grin*

    I will certainly do my best and not let anyone down! 😉


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