Full Page Editorial Feature in ST Life!

This is just so totally AWESOME

That’s J C & I taking a picture with today’s copy of the Straits Times ‘Life!’ newspaper at Boon’s insistence. I think she gets a kick out of bossing us around with the camera. LOL. We’re partially blocking it but we’re right in front of my latest baby… our newest illusion, which will be included in our show. More on that later *wink*

ST Life had a full page exclusive on us today, featuring J C & I and our upcoming ULTIMATE MAGIC show at The Arena. This first-of-its-kind 16 month long project is Singapore’s first permanent illusion show and happens every Mon – Sat, 5pm & 7pm from September 08 till the end of next year (2009!). There will be sneaks for our one hour contemporary illusion show in August too… and I’m not even talking about my Mega Escape: The Impalement Cage yet! That happens at 9pm on 5 July, at the Clarke Quay fountain event space so do swing by to witness this never done before stunt! *grin*

Anyway, back to our Straits Times ‘Life!’ interview… it has 2 very nice color photos of both J C & myself in their one page feature. We actually did the media interview and photoshoot last Wednesday evening at The Arena, bringing those 2 huge illusions (as well as our unique Crystal Metamorphosis illusion set which was not featured) down to the club. Of course, due to the sheer size and weight, we had to get our team down and a transportation truck!

As some of you who read my previous blog entry would know, I had a cocktail performance at Shangrila last Wednesday evening for Korean electronics giant, Samsung. Sherman and I took a cab down after our magic gig was over, to meet the rest of our team at the Clarke Quay venue. The reporter and photographer from the newspaper were extremely professional and knew exactly what they wanted for the article, so they were really cool to work with.

Truth to be told, I had fun at the shoot actually, as we were experimenting with different lights and colors, besides the various angles and poses. LOL! J C’s photo with the fan came out really brilliant! We had fun with the Crystal Metamorphosis one too; it had J C ‘trapped’ inside the clear tank and me grinning wickedly, perched on the top of the lid. Haha.

The reporter later told me that her editor was interested in my story, so they created a sidebar (C’mon Baby Light My Fire) for me, besides having the main article about our show at The Arena (Magic Holds the Quay)… I honestly love the titles they came up with. The headliners are just so CREATIVE! Mine was in the context of my spontaneous combustion underground effect, which I did in 2006 and that created a buzz because no one had ever seen anything like that before till then. For our main story, their word play on KEY and QUAY was so clever, since The Arena is situated at CLARKE QUAY, our country’s premiere entertainment district! Very nice… Oh yeah, we’re also featured on The Straits Times Interactive though Singapore Press Holdings split it into 2 different articles *grin*

Ade came in with a wonderful gourmet dessert surprise for all of us in the afternoon. I swear, my BFF completely spoils us. Look at that super yummy chocolate cake seriously! It got messy later, cutting this black beauty into 6 but everyone at the office (too bad for the rest of the guys who weren’t around!) was certainly smacking their chops. I am such a chocoholic, it’s not funny.



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