Mega Escape photoshoot!

What a CRAZY week!!! I’m so sorry I haven’t blogged for a while, it’s just been a tad overwhelming!

Wednesday evening saw me and Sherman strutting our magic, doing close-up for a big Samsung event at Shangrila Hotel before heading off for another appointment after our one hour performance. I had a great time doing the gig though; I added in something new (mini ‘psychological illusion’ bits) to my current mingling magic arsenal and it seemed to truly kick up a storm! I had several people who I’d perform to prior, search me out from the busy crowd and grab me by the wrist, pulling me over to read the minds of their friend as well, who they’d raved about my incredible, seemingly diabolical feats. I’ve always liked mentalism and with the fantastic reactions I got that evening (such wonderful confidence boosters),it’s going to stay as part of my staple repertoire!

My 2nd parter in MagicSeen (the Ning Dynasty) came out on Thursday and that’s a sneak peek above. Download it now or purchase the hard copy direct from Magic Seen, UK’s largest magic magazine! Past issues can also be purchased so if you missed Issue 19 (Part 1 of my exclusive interview which has 4 pages) , you can always download it for your personal reading pleasure Issue 20 also mentions ULTIMATE MAGIC, our gig at The Arena, which is also Singapore’s first permanent illusion show that plays Mon – Sat, 5pm & 7pm till the end of next year. That’s 16 months and then some baby!!!

Friday saw us doing the photoshoot for my Mega Escape, THE IMPALEMENT CAGE, at a professional photography studio. It was a nice creative process (J C had a brilliant idea on the red & black ‘DANGER’ tape, which really added much dimensions to the picture!) and seriously, kudos to those professional models who always make what they do look easy. People may call them names and claim they’ve no talent, but what they do really isn’t easy. They are artists who use their bodies in a fluid way to express emotions and sell products. I guess I’m lucky that I’m flexible because staying in that cage for hours isn’t entirely comfortable and all that spine twisting and arching, etc to get the best angle… man, and you think looking sexy for girls come easy.

Sorry, I just had to give guys out there a reality check. Please. Be more appreciative of your girl when she dresses up and looks pretty for you seriously. Nothing disturbs me more when I see a mismatched couple on weekends – pretty girl all dolled up (BECAUSE SHE WANTS TO LOOK GOOD FOR HER MAN), with a oblivious guy in a crappy t-shirt, crumpled berms and ratty flip flops, and they are in town shopping for crying out loud. So Singaporean guys reading this… please, start grooming and taking better care of yourself because your partner deserves better *wink*

Anyway, before I digress further, here’s a sneak peek taken during the photoshoot on Friday:

Stay tuned for updates coming up next week at JCSUM.COM Ta for now, more later…


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