The Queenies take over Keppel Bay!

Friday’s come and gone!!! It’s been a crazy week for me… considering I had a close-up show on Wednesday evening at Raffles City Convention Centre for an executive crowd at SIA’s CEO TEC event. Everyone was a who’s who and were dressed to kill. I enjoyed myself during the one hour I was hired to do my thing & what was awesome was that the client kept requesting for me, pulling yours truly around to different groups to perform magic to. I did various sets so for his benefit, this charismatic CEO saw different types of magic… cards, coins, etc, you name it! Everyone I performed magic to enjoyed themselves and cheered; so that was really great… besides me being the only magician for the evening, the event organizers hired a juggler, and other acrobats and a human statue too!

Yesterday afternoon saw me having an exclusive interview with Friday Weekly, who contacted us to do a feature on me as I’m not only a performer but an entrepreneur. The editor and reporter from SPH were intrigued and interested to know what inspired this young person to do what she’s doing & it was a great interview and photoshoot session *grin* So check out the weekly Chinese tabloid soon!

My day started early today because we had 3 external meetings, which I’m all really excited about. The last one ended way later than anticipated but it’s all good… however, that made me over an hour late for my dinner appointment with the girls! It was my turn to pick a place for our dinner date so I told the Queenies about the beautiful Keppel Bay, an area which most Singaporeans don’t seem to know about. I’d made reservations prior so we had dinner at TCC and the spot overlooked the waterfront, which was really lovely. It’s always awesome to be able to see Spanky, Nats, Mabes and Zann…

As usual, the Queenies took a million pictures, being the kooky camera whores that we are

…I don’t get it. Mabes takes this wacky group photo but turns away at the last minute. *raises eyebrow* Women.


Us doing a faux cosmetic commercial as per N1’s zany request. I don’t even know what I’m holding. And… No smartypants, it’s not lipstick!

Me & N1 after dinner… Nats was complaining on my height. Well, sorreee… But she complimented me on my new red heels. Hehe. They called it the "CFM" shoes. Wuahahahahaha… I don’t care, call me Dorothy of Wizard of Oz fame if you want, but I love my new red shoes!!! Meowwwrrr…

Okay, it was only afterwards that I realized why they insisted I stand infront. We just had dinner and everyone thinks they look fat!!! Thanks for hiding behind me, I look like a blimp in that dress!

Right, so maybe the dress looks better from this angle. Hahaha… I had no idea how ‘reflective’ it was until N1 pointed it out to me, being the trigger happy camera owner she is. After dinner we took a stroll to a spot by the waterside where we yakked and joked and laughed till the wee hours of the morning. The breeze was brilliant and after awhile, just for kicks, I got them to do a silly series of ‘Mind Games’ (nothing to do with Marc Salem here) where they had to guess who I was thinking about.

They could ask yes/no questions & it was hilarious how long the Queenies took (like, forever!) to guess Eric Khoo right. Zann said I had a super smug look on my face especially when I told them they were close but not close enough… LOL! We later realized that the people we all took turns to choose were usually famous people in fields we were particularly interested in… tennis for Nats, food for Zann, acting for Mabes, singing for Spanky, business and politics for me… So besides asking the right question, it helps to analyse what appeals to that particular Queenie to suss out what, or rather, who she’s thinking of! Hah!

So much for knowing what women want!

I swear, Spanky spoils me. She got me yet another sexy lingerie surprise in my perfect size and fave colors!!! Luff you much, babe!!!


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