Gadget Girl meets Spy Girl…

Once upon a time there were two girls who met in film school. One was a born comedienne who was a huge animation buff and loved to work on 3D projects, with dreams of being an art director some day. The other was a dreamy waif who carried a banged up spiral notebook with her all the time, where she’d scribble down prose, poetry and story ideas when her eccentric muse inspired her and wanted to be a writer. These 2 girls were almost inseparable and were quite a kooky pair.  They even co-wrote a bunch of stories together about the "Adventures of Spy Girl & Gadget Girl".

Joyce was Spy Girl and I was her ever resourceful side-kick, Gadget Girl, and we had adventures together in the greatest story never told. It was pretty much like a Maxwell Smart & Agent 99 pairing where I (GG) was always the one getting us out of trouble but she (Spy) takes all the credit anyway. Hah. I should try to pull up the kooky stories we co-wrote together because every single page was just stupendously hilarious. That is if you appreciate slap stick, leave-your-brains-at-the-corner kind of comedy. I know I don’t look it, but I completely enjoy stupid movies like Meet the Spartans, Date Movie, and other mindless entertainment.

My girlfriend’s getting married this December and we were laughing our heads off at NYDC tonight when she shared with me how Dominic (her other half; also from film school), did his on-one-knee proposal. Good ole Dom purchased a $5K diamond ring from Tiffany & Co and when he made his wedding proposal, he whipped out the classic blue box and Joyce nearly cried. However, when she popped the lid open, there was no shiny engagement ring in view… but a single ‘tikam’ toy. She almost died. Laughing. Talk about anti-climatic… but of course Dom produced the sparkling bling later and all were happy. They’re seriously the most compatible couple I personally know because not only do they even resemble each other, they have the same corny sense of humor…

Joyce has always been artistic and just check out the (thanks for the ‘permission’ babe!) totally brilliant e-card she personally made for her friends as a casual wedding invite. It’s just AWESOME!!!


Anyways, it was a great catch up session and we were forced to leave when the restaurant started closing. Joyce’s really thrilled about our Ultimate Magic show at The Arena, Singapore’s first permanent illusion show. which starts at Clarke Quay this September with sneaks come August. J C has some really nifty original and new illusions he’s designed for the show which plays 6 times a week, 2 times a day.

PS: Check out my latest poster in the office. Seriously, Mr. Popular is giving our dear "Iron" Will a run for his money as a professional escape artist.

Singapore’s (current) most famous face even has a wikipedia page!


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  1. Spy Leong

    hey yo. warrao…. really regret ever save a copy of the adventures of spy girl & gadget girl.. all formatted away.. ok, we wait until both of us retire and then start writing again ok..whahaha… durgh. missed those times. Sobs. ciaos.

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