Another media interview…

This afternoon saw us having an interview with a new Asian magazine at The Arena. 4 folks from Current Events came down with digital cameras and video cams and it was a fun and pleasant interview. Usually J C And I are interviewed separately and this was the first time we did a duo upon request. It amazes me how fast hours can fly by when one’s having fun. We did some magic for them too, even a tag team number – a few hours later when I reached home, I got an email from the interviewer saying that the rest of the folks back at their office were amazed with what they saw on tape. Hahahaha… AWESOME!

Anyway, we had a light lunch because there was so much paperwork to finish before we stepped out of the studio, so I was absolutely famished when it was about dinner time and we’d just wrapped up the magazine interview and shoot. J C brought us to a nice oyster place which had a huge white sheet of paper over the tablecloth and being the magic geeks that we are, we had our trusty black Sharpie markers with us. Rich people never leave home without American Express; Magicians never leave the houses without Sharpies! So. Anyways, I couldn’t help but start doodling all over the generous sheet of paper. Sometimes you just have to let it out… *grin*

Hee hee… do you see the uncanny resemblance? Boon looks more alive in the photo because she’s being forced fed but she usually has this look in the sleepy afternoons, especially after lunch. Wuahahahaha… she was so amused with what I did that she said she’d use it for her MSN display picture after she recieved my MMS. I did other doodles as well and I guess I looked like I was having a whole lot of fun that J C decided to let it out too!

So that’s J C letting his creative juices flow… it’s really not a bad Ninja Turtle at all! I was a big Ninja Turtle fan when I was a kid & my favorite was Donatello because he was the brainiest and could whoop serious butt with his bo staff! I have very fond memories of Dad cutting my hair when I was in primary school and he’d sit me on this stool, wrap a sheet around me and ask very professionally what hairstyle I’d like. This little kiddo would then politely request for a "hairstyle like April… the girl who’s a news reporter and a friend of the Ninja Turtles! …Please!" or some other kick@ss female cartoon character (from Captain Planet for instance). But it’d all be the same. So naturally being disgruntled by this, I went to a proper saloon with Mom after a few years of unsatisfactory hair service and left Dad to do this scissors thingy with my other 2 sisters. I guess cutting hair was like playing golf for him. It was therapeutic when it wasn’t his.

Anyway, I got my hands on a couple of new books and DVDs which are AWESOME! Stay tuned for more magic reviews coming up shortly. Our reviewers are having a blast with the material we just received as well – new goodies that are just hot off the press! Till then, ta for now, more later…

Listen to your inner child!!!!!!!!


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  1. N1

    Your drawing is adorable and yes!! the resemblance is uncanny!

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