My Mid-Week Wednesday Whirl…

This mid-week Wednesday has been quite crazy, with our team settling the (killer!) motion graphics design for our illusion acts for The Arena, as well as, shuttling from different meetings for other on-going projects. I should so get Boon to ask Red Bull if they’d want to be our official drink sponsor or something. LOL. Anyway, we are all extremely excited about Ultimate Magic because the show features 4 brand new illusions that’s never been done before in South East Asia!!!

Okay, to be honest, I’m half-dreading the rehearsals that start in June… because, hey, this girl is only human! But. Then again, the magic geek monster in me is so totally thrilled and happy because now we have got some REALLY cool new big toys to play with! Awwww yeah baby!!! Woot!!!  This illusion show going to be so completely unlike any other show that’s been staged in Singapore because it’s the country’s first permanenet illusion show with the venue providers ensuring that all our full technical requirements like staging, etc are met and J C’s got some really cool original illusions designed specially for the show at The Arena.

On a personal level, I’m excited because the feel of the show is so different from what we’ve done before, you know, all the formal/ corporate stuff… and being the fun-loving 25 year old that I am… I really feel that our new show is just perfect for Clarke Quay because what J C & I offer simply fits their unique culture to a T. Our magic is contemporary, hip and urban – none of the cliche ching-chong Oriental stuff people expect OR the usual fluff with the pompous old fashioned top hats and tails. Haha.

It’s fantastic as well, that the wonderful Clarke Quay management is fully supportive of the project, because they recognize that it’s not just a typical magic show.  They will also be lending their entire weight to the promotions of this project, so check out Magic Babe billboards in Clarke Quay in a few months… I’ll be doing a Carrie Bradshaw; you know, Sex in the City’s sassy protagonist who gets her own giant billboards on buses and all. *grin* Friends & event partners have been sending us excited notes of congratulations and well wishes too for being the brave and daring firsts once again in breaking ‘glass ceilings’ and raising standards. Well, thank you guys… you angels know who you are!!!!

Anyway, after such a hectic day, I welcomed a great dinner and chill out time with Colin, who’s been busy with another business venture… bringing in ATVs for Singapore! Soon the public will be able to rent ATVs to race them on a dirt track in Ubi. Does that sound cool or what? *grin* ATVs are all-terrain vehicles, otherwise known as Quads or Quad bikes. I can’t wait for Mr ATV to settle everything because I wanna go track racing!!! I think my bike crazy friend is so going to give those go-kart vendors a run for their money. Hee hee.

Dinner was at a really nice restaurant in town called Sun & Moon and these folks prided themselves on their food, ambience and presentation. We enjoyed the scrumptious spread and had fun catching up and laughing about silly things and then some. If you love Japanese as much as me, you HAVE to try their yummy Rainbow Sushi dish. As gay it may sound, it really succeeds in making you happy It’s got an awesome thang in every bite! I couldn’t help but

Okay, everything tasted good… even the dessert which came in a quaint birdcage. I know I so don’t look it but as seemingly slender as I appear, this girl really loves her food. I would be completely devastated one day should my tastebuds choose to do a mutiny! Anyway, after dinner we headed downstairs to Borders where we lingered at the magazine section for a bit before going over to the humor section. I seem to have a very… left-winged preference for looks because Colin was asking me who I felt was hawt when we were checking out the celebrities and models flashed on the covers of the various lifestyle magazines both local and overseas. I dunno, the (perceived?) personality of a person pegs it so much for me than just looks…

Anyway! I’m seriously like a little kid in a candy store when I’m let loose in a bookstore so I went home happy with another literary purchase. Thanks to good ole Colin really, who magically pulled out this gem from a shelf! Chelsea Handler is now one of my favorite contemporary female writers and in a few short hours after reaching home and plonking myself down in bed after my bath, I’m almost done with her book…geez, I’m such a book monster I know… but I couldn’t help chuckling to myself with every turn of the page. "My Horizontal Life" is such a humorous read!  I swear, I don’t know if I can take her seriously sometimes. I will never look at things the same way again.



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