Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus Contact Lens Launch

Ciba Vision had their official launch tonight for their brand new contact lens – Dailies aqua Comfort Plus. Sherman was hired to do close-up magic for the event and I was approached to do the launch proper – unveiling a giant mock-up of their product, as well as, some customized magic on stage. So, that’s yours truly above in white looking like some motivational speaker. LOL.

After doing my original Linking Coat Hangers stage act, I proceeded to show the magical lubricating/ moisturizing/ refreshing properties of the client’s new contact lens as opposed to Brand X’s uncomfortable, dry contacts… all through using MAGIC. There was a crowd of over 300 in the event area and there was also a camera man with a ‘LIVE’ video feed so everyone could see what was happening on stage.

Mark aka ‘Flying Dutchman’ on Class 95FM, was the emcee of the night and kept teasing J C that he was my ‘roadie’ because he assisted in the product unveiling *LOL* The rain caused major traffic jams in town so the event started a lot later than anticipated so it was very dark when we left. Boon, J C & I then left Sherman all alone (awwwww) to head over to Raffles City. We met up with Matt and had dinner. I had fun tonight though, they were a great crowd!


I just finished a whole pile of books and I’m now starting on a new book by psychiatrist, Paul Dobranhsky called "The Secret Psychology of How We Fall in Love" and it’s actually very interesting. It discusses a current trend on how women seem to go for guys who are complete opposites of their ex-s! I find it amusing because I actually see real life examples around me. Don’t you?

Honestly, don’t you have a gorgeous girl friend who is now in a relationship with a geeky looking guy after breaking up with her hunky boyfriend? I know plenty of women who are like that and I understand why. This 180 degree change is inevitable after a bad breakup and girls just want a man who seems different… well at least different enough, that there won’t be the same problems arising within the relationship. It’s a great read and I think it’s important to experiment to know what you really want before you settle.

Anyway, I need to catch some much needed shut-eye soon… it’s been crazy at work as we’re all in preparation for Singapore’s first ever permanent illusion show! I am so going to work out HARD at the gym and pump those muscles soon…

I so love the poster! *grin*


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  1. N1

    And you look absolutely gorgeous in all those shots, as usual. 🙂

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