Magic on a Saturday Night…

This has got to be one of the most fun working Saturday nights ever! This evening saw me do close-up/ mingling magic for a private event at the swanky event space at the Asian Civilisation Museum in town, for one of the world’s leading dental implant company. Though everyone invited came from the dental health care sector, these guests and VIPs came from different parts of the world. There were Europeans, Thais, Chinese, Cambodians and more, besides our local Singaporeans and I… okay, Magic Babe… was hired to entertain these important folks during the cocktail session prior to the important speech by the company’s president.

To begin, I approached a group of smartly dressed guests from Thailand and they were amused/ impressed by the little smattering of Thai I knew. I guess it’s at moments like these that I’m fortunate to have had a really strong interest in different languages as a teenager.

Sawadee kah, sabai dee mah? Phom chue ‘Magic Babe’ Ning kah… yin dee tee dai rujuk!

Good evening, how is everyone tonight? My name is ‘Magic Babe’ Ning, it’s nice to see you!


Explaining the rules to the ‘game’ of magic we’d be playing in just a bit…


Ning doing the ‘Ning thing’…


It was really wonderful because from a crowd of seated people, more people joined them by standing around to watch me. Khorb kun kah! (Thank you!)

Like how I initially started doing some card magic for the two guys below, on my left but along the (short) way, more people started to join in to watch and be part of the fun. I was asked for my namecard afterwards but politely told them to get the business card of the event producer who’s around because they booked me. It’s the right thing to do!

In 2 beats, Mr. Nice Guy will realize that he just got PUNKED! *grin*

It started getting crazier afterwards… I approached a group of representatives from PRC and suddenly found myself swamped!  I performed in Mandarin for this one and noticed one of the non-Mandarin speaking clients (a really gorgeous European lady who looks a lot like Claudia Schiffer when she was super hot) was standing at a corner watching me and enjoying herself. It was great that she was laughing along with the Chinese though I’m very sure she didn’t understand a word of Mandarin. She came over later and told me she enjoyed my magic very much, which makes me glad to know that magic is just so universal, it transcends human barriers like language and culture. Nice!

Now this is my favorite group (also from PRC) because they were so completely hard-ass in the beginning… your typical skeptical business men type who try to be difficult initially but I finally won them over and a bigger group formed around to check out what was happening. I entertained everyone of course, it’s important that no one feels left out. Hecklers can be fun to work with!

That was not the end of the night for me. After saying my goodbyes to the client (a really sweet German man with the nicest twinkling blue eyes I’ve ever seen) and knowing that he was very pleased, J C & I headed off for a quick dinner before heading down to another side of town to meet my dearest friend from Malaysia, David Lai. He’s also a very talented magician and was doing a gig for a group of doctors at a private event – talk about a huge coincidence! We both got gigs on the same night for professionals in health care! *grin*

Anyway, I wanted J C & David to meet up personally because what happened was that some time last year, a spiteful Singapore magician used J C’s name to post stupid and uncalled for comments in other performer’s blogs & youtube videos, basically about how they were really awful magicians and that they should check out the Concept:Magic website for the real deal. These posts are unfortunately still there online but it obviously wasn’t J C and this identity fraudster was caught eventually by his own carelessness. You can read about it in my past post if you care to… I really don’t want to waste time talking about such unhappy events or callous people again.

David and J C quickly warmed up to each other and I realised how much I missed David and the rest of the awesome MMF folks I had the pleasure of knowing personally during my trip up to Malaysia 2 years back. I’m really happy for David too because I’ve noticed an exponential growth in his magic and confidence when we watched him perform a 20 min mentalism act on stage for the doctors, a very apt crowd, I must say. Also, J C shared with a very excited and supportive David on our upcoming Ultimate Magic illusion show at The Arena, which is starting in a few short months.

Actually, J C spoke to our event partner about this first of its kind permanent illusion show in Singapore, early at my gig and the event producer agreed that it was really something BIG and exciting because of its novel concept. He also shared that his team noticed that J C & the Concept:Magic team have been very focused on what we’re doing and it’s obvious in our track record and the fact that we’re always in the media. He acknowledged that it’s clear that we’re breaking more ‘glass ceilings’ for the magic industry and Singapore tourism as well, so that certainly made our day, that important industry partners recognise that we’re more than just entertainers!

Two good looking magicians – Mr Malaysia & Miss Singapore!

 Haha… I miss David already!



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2 responses to “Magic on a Saturday Night…

  1. Heys NING ,
    You’re being too kind la . My show on Saturday was honestly below par …haha . Oh my gosh , the thought of it .

    Anyways , it was really nice meeting you and see how sucessful you are now . I’m sure you’ll see a better me in the future . Lots of projects coming up here in Malaysia .

    Please thank JC again for me , I’ll definitely be a great host when you’re down . I’m linking you to my BLOG later . My IT guy is building me a new BLOG in wordpress and linked to , I’ll post it when it’s done.=)

    Do take care, and yes , I MISS YOU TOO !

  2. Linked your post up at my BLOG!

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