You’re the first to know…


That’s right folks… J C & I will be producing and starring in Singapore’s first permanent illusion show in a few short months!

Ultimate Magic is truly something very different – no tacky top hats, old fashioned canes, doves and rabbits or cliche costumes! *grin* I remember an interesting discussion with many magicians a long time ago on why magicians are still the ones stuck with a completely out-dated dress sense (i.e. fashion diaster!) when everyone else in performance arts have moved on with the times and are a lot more modern and contemporary.

Anyway! This dynamic 1 hour illusion show plays for 16 months – 6 days a week, 2 times a day at The Arena (located at Clarke Quay, they are Singapore’s No.1 international ‘live’ music venue) and it is truly going to be the next big thing for magic and tourism in Singapore. You’re the first to know!!!

After comparing track records and checking out various acts both here in Singapore and regionally (ASEAN & Australia), The Arena approached us for this first of its kind project (a million dollar contract) because they realised we were the best people who could make this a success. This is way more than just doing a good magic show; there’s a lot more to it as you may guess and we’re excited that this major project is finally starting this September, with sneak previews this August. J C & I are extremely proud to be selected as magic ambassidors of Singapore and chosen to once again, be the first in this never been done before magic project here in our Lion City.

Our magic has always been truly contemporary and this importantly reflects cosmopolitan Singapore and is highly representative of Clarke Quay’s unique culture. In fact, we will be showcasing a very special version of J C Sum’s signature ‘Impossible Teleportation’ mega illusion, where he will attempt to teleport into The Arena from across the country, while surrounded by spectators. As you know, J C did South East Asia’s first ever mega illusion last August with over 9,000 people and news cameras at the ‘live’ event that took place at OUB Centre in the Central Business District. Various media both here and overseas covered this first of its kind event noting J C’s work in bringing back the grandeur of the grand illusions.

There are of course plenty of other exciting illusions (original ones as well, since J C is also an illusion designer) and I’ve got some new ‘toys’ to play with… you know how Magic Babe gets. The more dangerous and exciting, the better *wicked grin* Anyway, The Arena will be starting rennovations to meet all our technical requirements shortly and their very classy venue is going to be dressed up accordingly for an enchanting magical look and feel so stay tuned for more details. For up-to-date news on Singapore’s first ever permanent illusion show, please visit

Thanks for your support and do spread the word!



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