Six men in a week and a mysterious stranger…

Sorry I didn’t blog earlier in the week but… Oh, I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO tired!!!

okay, now that I’ve got your attention, sorry to disappoint but this entry has absolutely nothing naughty at all; I just had a pretty busy week with some small ‘fires’ to put out here and there, but I did my best to make time this week to do some catching up with close friends I miss dearly but hadn’t the time to do dinner dates with regularly. Hee hee.

Speaking of ‘catch up’, it sounds a lot like ‘ketchup’ and to be honest… way before that annoying Las Ketchup song and dance was invented by that Spanish band, I had my own ketchup song, which is probably just as irritating and annoying. It was pretty catchy too, because my mom still remembers the lyrics to it that the 5 year old me ‘creatively’ created. Though this is like 2 decades ago, I won’t go into detail (because it is SO completely embarrassing!) but… really, don’t you just think tomatoes simply look like juicy red butts?

Anyway, I digress. Yes, friends, dinner!

April Fool’s Day was awesome because some of us Singapore Magic Circle forum moderators met up after work for a nice Japanese buffet dinner in town. Not everyone was free since it’s understandably, a week day, but even with the small bunch of us we had fun. I definitely enjoyed everyone’s company and was especially glad to see Uncle Bob because I really do miss the time when I was still studying and had a more flexible schedule. Gordon (now really busy with work because he’s heading his company now) and I practically met up with Uncle Bob several times a week to jam (er, magic, not music… just in case you’re wondering). Uncle Bob is also one of Magic Boutique’s resident magic advisors and does product reviews as well.

I’m always happy to meet Bernard, who’s really like a (warped) big brother to me. He’s just one of those guys you’d want on your team if you’re playing Survivor. We’re very good friends and we have known each other for years and actually, he’s the one who introduced me to coin magic when cards where the rage back then because of street magic and flourishing or XCM. Bern’s also a magic dealer really, and there’s completely no animosity between us though I run and manage Magic Boutique. There’s many reasons to this but the most important one is truly because we’re on the same wavelength and are strongly against magic piracy. He doesn’t sell pirated stuff as well & we both have honest business models and welcome friendly competition – we don’t care about petty gains so there’s absolutely no backstabbing or bitching or underhand methods that others may use. We don’t care about that small picturisque approach. Always look on the bright side of life, right? *whistles*

BS: Trader by day, magician/ dice-stacker/ juggler/ balloon artist by night!

Jerome’s a fellow SMC moderator who always impresses me with his passion for magic. His thirst for knowledge is admirable and I respect that he’s constantly trying to improve his skills and sleight of hand moves. He completely tickled us over dinner when he shared an interesting escapade when he ‘lost’ an American half-dollar when the coin unexpectedly fell into the WC. So much for trying to cram in practice sessions during your toilet break at work! His girlfriend informed him that I was featured in last Sunday’s edition of The New Paper because of the show J C & I did for ICON magazine at the new St Regist hotel, so they made me tell them what it was all about. I caught a glimpse of her photo on his mobile phone by accident, and she really is a beaut! Hahaha… my friend’s really one lucky guy!

One of the nicest magic nuts I know! *grin*

Axl was meeting his other half after dinner so he had to leave early. Good boyfriend aside, he’s called the ‘magician fooler’ and a list of other names as well… I’m not sure why but the guys said that it’s mainly Shade who came up with these names *wry grin* I should’ve known really. Anyway, if anyone needs to buy insurance, look for the guy. If you ask nicely, I’m sure he’d be more than happy to show you a card trick or two. Some months back, we did a fun magic auction together at a chalet where Magic Boutique sponsored some magic products with all proceeds going to SMC to fund various activities. While it’s great that the magic forum has happenings going on for the forum members, I think it’s important it doesn’t become a magic club of sorts because there’s already 2 very established ones in Singapore already – the International Brotherhood of Magicians & Singapore’s Association of Magicians. Singapore has a pretty rich magic history actually

I love Uncle Bob’s funky new glasses!

My god father’s past 60 but his nimble fingers are still one of the most deft I’ve ever seen & I’m always impressed with his magic knowledge (stemming from over 30 years in doing magic) and passion for not just magic, but everything else he does. After dinner, we had a nice chat session to chat up more and it’s so exciting to know that his youngest daughter (who’s my age) is working for Google now. Really cool! Anyways, look out for more product reviews by Uncle Bob coming up. I always enjoy reading his reviews because this magic veteran writes it short and sweet but always honest and to the point. You don’t get fluff from Uncle Bob!

Besides my friends from SMC, I met up with my buddy Felix after work on Wednesday and was afraid I’d be late because of traffic but I made it just in time at NYDC Cafe. It’s always good to be able to chill with a friend who’s an artist sometimes (all those fun experiences and creative stories!) and I’m totally thrilled to know that he’s found inspiration for his next book. We all have our ways of finding our muse and I must say my friend’s methods are certainly unorthodox but then again, do whatever works. LOL. I think such friendships are really precious; where it is completely platonic and there’s always a good objective sphere to discuss the quirks of the different sexes without feeling shy or embarrassed. I hope he mentions a female magician in his newbook!!!!

Thursday night was spent with good ole Kris who drove all the way over to my studio from his work place at Bishan, and we had dinner at a extremely quaint restaurant in Bt Timah, followed by drinks at the very lovely Keppel Bay. Thank goodness his company is paying for the car petrol. LOL. His new company which does branding & creatives is called The Secret Little Agency, which completely reminds me of Magic Boutique’s predecessor, The Little Magic Shop. It was past midnight when he dropped me off and he went back to work after that because they had tight deadlines to reach!

We shared a pretty decent creme brulee (my favorite!) for dessert… yum!!! The waiters were very nice and the staff who passed me the check asked if she’d seen me before from somewhere and Kris had to cut in and say that I’m a "public figure" *roll eyes* Well, I’m definitely going back to this hidden gem because I love that it doesn’t even feel like a part of Singapore! Kris drove us to the beautiful Keppel Bay after a scrumptious dinner where he had a nice, spicy pasta & I had my favorite cow!!! I know I don’t look it but I’m a huge beef fan and had no problem polishing off everything. Heh.

Keppel Bay is really pretty at night and if you love the sea as much as I do, you’d appreciate the cool tranquility it brings. We found a nice comfortable spot to stop and chat with drinks we bought at TCC. Kris was tickled by the other side of me, who believes in sea monsters. It all started when I innocently remarked that wouldn’t it be freaky if a sea monster suddenly rises up from the waters and stares at us. Now obviously I don’t think there’s any gnarly teeth water serpents here and I’m not sure about the Loch Ness monster since it’s really a lake in Scotland BUT isn’t it just completely egoistic to assume that we know everything that’s supposedly out there?

I remember being sent photos of deep sea creatures (okay fine, fishes) that got swept ashore when the tsunami hit Indonesia and scientist said that there were some specifies that they had not known existed. So, if they are finding new kinds of fishes out there, who’s to know that sea monsters have skillfully dodged man-made contraptions and devices used to locate them? We all know giant squids do exist, with some found to be bigger than a 6ft tall person, so who’s to know for sure that deep sea creatures mentioned in the mythology of the ancient worlds do not actually exist presently, somewhere out there? I’m sure you’ve also read about the Coelacanth, which were previously thought to be extinct but are still alive today after 410 million years!

Right, that’s my argument. For the record, I don’t believe in unicorns and leprecons, thank you very much. But hey, check out the Zuiyō Maru (瑞洋丸, ずいようまる) carcass if you haven’t seen it before. The photo below is from the 70s and is alleged to be a carcass of a prehistoric plesiosaur. Or a dead whale or shark.

What or who is this mysterious stranger? Well, you decide.


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