Magic Babe = Singapore Fashion Festival Fashionista!

"I thought one of the most outstanding pieces of fashion was the red straitjacket the magician Magic Babe Ning got out of, like a Jean-Paul Gaultier design. Wonder if she’ll rent it out for the Singapore Fashion Festival events this week." – Sylvia Toh Paik Choo’s closing paragraph in her TNP column yesterday.

*grin* Sylvia Toh’s a veteran journalist from Singapore Press Holdings and I’ve always admired her witty writing style, so it was just fantastic that she mentioned yours truly & yours truly’s favorite magic prop in her article featured in yesterday’s (Sunday) The New Paper. It had all of us at work giggling when Boon brought the tabloid newspaper to the office and shared it out loud. I must send her a thank you e-mail

Meanwhile, for those of you who are curious, here’s a picture of the TNP article:

My Nokia N95 is in servicing (it’s so strange but I don’t get notified when I get SMSes anymore but instead, all received text messages go straight into my inbox without any notification/ indication/ beeping, etc.) so I got the slick touch-screen interface LG Viewty (coincidentally, the very same phone as my best friend Ben!) on standby in the interim. I’m still getting used to it honestly, so apologies that there haven’t been as many photos of late!

Anyways, Magic Boutique customers reading this – I’m not sure if you noticed the message on the main page of the online shop, but from now onwards, all packaging will be sent via high quality bubble-wrap envelopes, which are extremely hardy. Your orders will still be securely sent to you via registered mail, straight to your doorstep. As some of you know (those who subscribe to our emailing list), I did a focus group session a little while back because it’s really important for us to know what keeps all you guys and gals happy. We’re tremendously happy to know that we’re rated very highly on service proficiency levels, friendliness, helpfulness, response promptness, honesty & most importantly… magic product expertise! *grin*

I apologize once again that our current business system doesn’t allow more than one monthly order date, but this truly helps us keep our costs down (thus we folks operate out of a virtual online store) so we can pass on all the savings to you, our valued customer. You already know that with us, you get very fair prices, excellent service and good attitude (100% against piracy, baby!!!). You know that with Magic Boutique, you have the reassurance that we’re completely honest with the products – we sell no knock-offs and we’d never ever do any dishonest replacements or illegal swaps. You get what you pay for. All the time. Murphys Magic Supplies Inc. did not make us their official magic reviewer in Asia for nothing

It helps too that we’re passionate working professionals who actually know what we’re talking about – check out our helpful magic advisors too! This panel of distinguished gentlemen makes up of some of Singapore’s finest magicians and illusionists. We also have knowledgeable reviewers who give HONEST opinions on various magic products – we’re not afriad to call a spade, a spade. I for one believe in Karma and I don’t subscribe to the school of thought where doing business = ripping people off. If a product isn’t very good, the reviews actually say it.

Once again, thank you SO MUCH for your awesome support for Magic Boutique. Nothing makes our team happier than knowing that YOU are happy… Remember, if you’ve got anything you’d like to share, please feel free to contact us. You know we’re always happy to hear from you.

Have a GREAT week ahead!!!


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  1. N1

    woohoo!!!! 🙂

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