Meet my new friend… Wild Bill!

A few weeks ago, I received an email from a friendly disabled US Navy veteran called Bill Cutter, who prefers to be known as "Wild Bill". He loves magic and has a wall where he pins posters of his magic heroes. He’s got autographed pictures of Seigfred & Roy and more, and was contacting us if I’d be so kind as to send him something of me which he’d put on his wall because he found my brand of magic to be outstanding. Isn’t it amazing how awesome the internet’s reach is? Anyway, that’s him above smiling and holding up the signed page of yours truly, in FHM magazine!

Bill was a real angel and I’m just glad to be able to help make his day. His email also said he lived alone, so I guess it sure wasn’t easy taking a photo like that! Speaking of pictures, J C & I will have autographed pictures available soon on so you might like to check that out *grin*

Magic Boutique has some new products recently, which are really AWESOME. Don’t forget to check out the online magic reviews to find out more. I’m still reeling from being blown away by the newly released FISM World Championships of Magic DVD. We have such talented people in magic!!!! With their refreshing and original acts, they’re truly an inspiration…



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