Last minute close-up magic gig @ Copthorne Grand Waterfront

Boon received a call late yesterday from an event producer specifically requesting me to do an hour of impactful roving magic so this marks my 3rd consecutive magic show for the week and I have my one-gal stage show to do on Sunday night! It’s really great to know I’m so hot in demand!  Anyway, tonight’s close up magic gig was for a pre-cocktail gala dinner event for Great Eastern Life and I had so much fun entertaining the crowd.

I love illusions and stage magic but it’s really nice to be able to rub elbows with different people and see them slowly allow themselves to relax and be less guarded, so they can actually enjoy themselves and let loose. Boon came down with me and was chuckling when she witnessed people actually asking to take photos with me. This happened 3 times and whenever I performed, people clapped and a bigger crowd gathered. It’s nice to know they enjoyed the magical experience! LOL.

Singaporeans are a tough crowd, as the 2 dudes from Mondo Magic also revealed in their interview a few weeks ago to promote their new magic in India series. More so, the tough corporate type who wouldn’t indulge you at all! But I love the challenge really, in putting grins on their faces and making them laugh in amazement. It really gives me a high and Magic Babe just goes a roll with that adrenalin rush. I honestly feel like another woman sometimes, especially when I have to deal with men who try to make things difficult. This is coming from the girl who gets completely tongue-tied when someone tries to pick me up at a club or pub when I’m left alone for a minute when the girls go to the ladies.

With Magic Babe… well… I’ll give you an instance where she can get SO cheeky.

I approached a group of four guys and started with a fast card effect – which involved a spectator selecting a card. Since it was a cocktail setting (prior to the ballroom opening), and they had drinks in hand, I requested him to say "stop" anytime as I riffled through the deck so it was a complete free choice. Before I could even move however, the guy calls out "STOP!" just so he could play the smart aleck.

Magic Babe took over instantly and I found myself smirking and raising an eyebrow at him and saying, "Gosh, that was a little pre-mature."

I then turned to his amused friends and shrugged. "But it’s okay, some guys are like that."

Somebody please kill me!!!

Thankfully they all laughed and were completely nice afterwards. No more heckling or trying to be difficult because they realised I’m no push-over just because I’m a girl. Magic Babe is a passionate professional who takes her craft very seriously! They were later blown away too, when I did a version of Doctor Dayly’s Last Trick in their hands and kept asking for more. They were really loud so they attracted more people and I love it when a crowd gathered around. Good thing I had my magic arsenal of cards, coins and more with me.

I really had fun tonight *grin* Most importantly, the event producer came over and thanked me because his client was very pleased with me. He appreciated that I dressed up for the event as well, which wasn’t a biggie really, because I’m your typical Libra. I want to look good! Another job well done… awww yeahhhh…




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