ICON @ St. Regis Hotel

Tonight’s stage segment for ICON magazine at St. Regist was WICKED! We were recommended by SPH so they got their event planners to book us for a 15 minute stint for their all important grand event this evening. Everyone was dressed to kill and the new hotel’s really swanky. It was an awesome experience with all the beautiful people in this beautiful place, which had the very talented Diana Ser as the evening’s host and we were the opening act. Our new UV act was very well received and they were WOWed when J C did his beautiful floating table illusion.

I had fun on stage with my straight jacket and even made a quip on it, since ICON (SPH’s high fashion Chinese magazine) was having a fashion show later on. We ended the show with our 3" Hole illusion which sees me penetrate a locked ATA flight case in a blink of an eye and to be honest, it’s environments like these where an amateur could feel intimidated because of the ‘atas’ atmosphere and the crowd, but they were generous in their applause and J C & I captured their rapt attention. Besides businessmen and socialites, there were also people from the media so I’m glad we won them all over

St. Regis have obviously trained their staff extremely well and the ballroom’s deco is very impressive. They’re new so I guess Nats missed out on this one when Luke and her were looking out for a place to hold their wedding. I’ve a strong feeling that they’d chosen this new swanky place if they hadn’t settled on Raffles Hotel *grin*

Ta for now, more later…


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