Flying Dutchman’s such a doll!!!

I swear… Mark (better known to most Singaporeans as his Class 95 radio personality "F.D" or "The Flying Dutchman") is such a sweetie.  J C & I were booked by his events company to do showtime for Singtel’s big event this evening at Swissotel the Stamford and before our illusion show started (where we also did the magic appearance of the emcee on stage), we shared some upcoming big projects with him and he was extremely supportive because he understands how we are trying to break more ‘glass ceilings’ for the industry here.

Yes, the Concept:Magic team has some really interesting things happening in the next few months, so do see our website for all our high-end illusions and customized magic projects, or J C’s official website which has all about Singapore’s mega illusionist and more. In case you didn’t know, our dearest "Iron" Will, being Singapore’s only professional escape artist, will be doing ILLUSI 2.0 for MediaCorp TV’s Suria channel to be aired in a few months!!! If all goes according to schedule, production starts this May. J C’s on board as a paid consultant to the series and it’s going to be so cool, with all that flying.

That aside, J C & I also have something really delicious coming up. It’s extremely exciting because it’s the first of its kind in Singapore’s history and will definitely shake up the tourism, entertainment and magic scene! I promise to blog more about this closer to date but I can’t let out on the details yet.

Don’t you just luuuuuuuuuurrrrve suspense?


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