Two documentaries worth watching…

The Singapore International Film Festival will be screening our country’s very first documentary on Singaporean lesbians called "Women Who Love Women" this coming April and it is a really good film to catch. I actually blogged about watching it months ago at one of its first screenings here and would recommend it to anyone who prides themselves as being open minded and understanding to the ‘minorities’. This is NOT a film that promotes homosexuality, but rather, is a very honest portrayal (hence it passed the strict censorship board here) of gay women here and their difficulties in coming out of the closet. If you have a friend, relative, etc who is gay, this is an excellent piece that would help you further understand him/ her because being gay is not a choice. It’s not an ‘alternative lifestyle’.

While outsiders can say how gay people disappoint and let down their families; gay people struggle a deep personal fight of self-identity and guilt besides so many other things like depression and even suicidal tendencies. It isn’t easy for them to come out in the open and share this secret to their parents, especially since we’re still a mostly conservative Asian country. Thus, I’m pleasantly surprised the Singapore government has allowed this documentary to pass through for the SIFF. It’s fantastic that they’re finally opening up and moving along with the times and not just choosing to look the other way and avoiding the issue, pretending that there’s no such thing as gay Singaporeans. LOL. Kudos to the documentary’s plucky and talented filmmakers, as well as, SIFF!

Another documentary really worth your 2 hours is an award-winning film released just last year called ZeitGeist. You can watch it free off their website, or support them by purchasing their DVD too. I was really impressed by their work and if conspiracy theories and activism are your cuppa tea, you’ll definitely enjoy this clever documentary which delves into politics, power and religion. I purchased half a dozen of their DVDs because I was so COMPLETELY impressed with their work. It forces you out of your comfort zone, makes you think and seriously, widens your perception on things and of course some people might call it blasphemous for pushing the envelope so far but truly, a film is simply what a film maker has to say. You as the audience, structures your personal believes and opinion.

I find it interesting that most people think documentaries are bland. Good documentaries make you FEEL things and INSPIRE you to open your mind to NEW concepts. Gosh. I do miss film making *pout* I wonder if I’d ever have time to take a break and work on a good film in the near future. Anyway. There was a quote (simple but profound when you chew on it) that I really liked in ZeitGeist and would like to share it with you…

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace." – Sri Chinmoy Ghose

If anyone’s seen these two excellent films and would like to discuss them issues, please feel free to email me!


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