Cute meow meows!!!!

OMG. There’s actually an awesome website dedicated to cat lovers!!! Many thanks to my old friend (old not because of age but old because I’ve known the guy for almost a decade now) David for telling me about!!!

I really love cats and sometimes people tell me I act like one. Not that I lick my hands and face clean after a meal but anyway, I digress… I found out that cats can actually do magic too!!! No wonder witches kept them around the house and the ancient Egyptians worshiped these beautiful feline creatures! I’m not kidding, check it out, these kitties can really levitate stuff!!!

Seriously… if I could adopt a cat I’d done that right away but I’m always home late because of work and I want to be a good cat mom! I think I’d be feeding my cat salmon and caviar & I’d just have salads… LOL. Will was snubbing me the other day when he told me (gloated more like… LOL) that he had a whole big litter of cats at home! Oh well, when I’m ready I guess. Meanwhile, I really couldn’t help but go "Awwwww" when I saw these!!!

And this is my #1 favorite really…

HUNG-OVER CAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *ROTFL*


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