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It’s Saturday night and I did the girl thing today by going for retail therapy where I bought a couple of pretty dresses because I couldn’t resist the fun colors of spring/ summer! I got new accessories too because I’m gradually moving away from the ‘tough gal’ image with all the leather straps and black nail polish… even the guys at work commented recently that my style’s evolving. What can I say, I am female; hear me roar!

Anyway, the OMY interview with ‘Iron’ Will is finally up and you can check it out on their bilingual website. The article (written in English) is an easy read with half a dozen photos as well. We’ve got more projects on the way and if you loved watching Will in Triple Actz last October when we performed at Alliance Francaise, stay tuned to my humble magic blog… Niaks niaks niaks… Hint: You’ll be seeing Will on TV real soon!

J C and I have been really busy with work (projects! meetings! pitching! brainstorming! proposals! rehearsals! shows! etc!) and his new website is finally up. It also features yours truly as well and it was cute because even my mom said I looked hawt. LOL. The revamped website took some time because as you know, good yet functional art direction and design cannot be forced. I so totally LOVE the new website because I think it’s just about as perfect as it can be *grin* Having said all that, do check out the all new J C Sum: Mega Illusionist & ‘Magic Babe’ Ning‘s new official website! This easy to navigate website has photos, videos and more in it!

Also on the same note… J C & I are also featured on Wikipedia, the popular internet encyclopedia! Check out J C’s wikipedia page for all his milestones and awards. Gosh, the man has such a solid track record, he’s certainly earned his laurels! RESPECT!!!! Yours truly has a wiki page as well, and you can view the ‘Magic Babe’ Ning wikipedia page when time allows. I feel so exposed, gosh. Everything’s in there, even my D.O.B for crying out loud! Okay, okay, I’m still adjusting in being a quarter centurian. Gimme a break, today’s the oldest I’ve been!

Oh yeah, I’ve added some weblinks to the right side of my blog page so feel free to check out the blogroll later too! Meanwhile, if you’re planning on throwing a birthday party for a child anytime soon, check out Mighty Magic Factory’s unique Design a Party page! It’s always been there but I thought I’d just highlight how fun it is *grin* It’s truly a baby of mine I’m so proud of because it’s a one of a kind!!! More importantly, the interactive flash site allows parent and child to have some serious bonding Check out next month’s issue of Mother & Baby, we’re featured in the local media yet again!



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