Queenies are no Cinderellas…

Right. It’s already the middle of the week and it’s amazing how fast time flies. Thank goodness I have my awesome girlfriends who are my solid rock in the moments I need support and their steadfast friendship is awesome. They love me for me and accept the quirks and flaws I have; celebrating my wins during the happy times and more importantly, being there whenever I’m in need of a warm hug. The Queenies had another meet-up in town but Zann couldn’t make it and Mabes was still at work when I called her mobile close to midnight, the poor thing. So it was a 3some of Spanky, Nats and yours truly at Coffee Club in Orchard Rd!

Rushing from work, I arrived in town at about 8pm and Nats was walking down from Paragon after doing some shoe shopping but she didn’t find anything she liked. For some reason I imagined a mountain-load of shoes behind her and a wretched looking sales assistant at her feet. Hahaha. Anyway, I got us a table and within minutes my dear N1 (my pet name for her, she calls me N2) arrived. She got my a special greeting card too and I was so touched!!!


A handwritten card from my dear friend… how touching! *grin*


…with photos from our various Queenie group outings too!!! *beams*

 Nothing touches me more than a simple greeting card written with love. No present or other surprise needed. It’s a gift from the heart itself *grin* Coming from an all girls school, I did write and receive notes from friends very often. Almost every day I’d find handwritten notes from friends on my desk, coming in for school. it was an awesome culture that thought us how to be better at expression and communication, I suppose. I still have boxes of these ‘love letters’ from my friends all horded somewhere in my room. My mom always ‘tsked’ me for spending time lying on my stomach, scrawling at a card or a cute notepad, instead of *gasp* studying harder. Hehehehehe.

Oh yeah, I finally had the courage to do something different to my hair. I actually had it done over the weekend (where I got my first pair of red high heels too!) and loved the new look *grin* Nats totally made me blush when she exclaimed that I looked DIVINE with the curls because for a moment I had a picture of Botteccili’s beautiful "Birth of Venus" masterpiece in my head but with my face superimposed on it. Hahaha.


Nats said she loved my new hairdo… Yay! It actually took 3 hours.

 And of course, our dear Goth Queen finally came from her office at Mediacorp TV studios. She doesn’t ride her Vespa anymore but Spanky looks hawt as usual… That’s us cozying up together, making the guys at the next table stare. Oops.


Camera whores are us!!!

 Food was pretty decent, though Nats & I were a tad disappointed that they stopped serving their delish country pies! We settled on their sherpard’s pie instead, which was similar (beef instead of chicken but less cheese and more potato) and Spanky had a yummy pasta. We all shared a monster mud pie after that for dessert and I swear, it’s super duper sinful with its triple chocolate decadence and sauce!!!


Chocoholics R us… YUM!!!!! This huge dessert was way more than the 3 of us could handle!

 We yakked more about Nat’s wedding preps and what to do to horrid people who try to stinge on red packets for her wedding dinner at Raffles Hotel *wry grin* It seems like there’s just so much to do, it’s pretty overwhelming! Besides the dresses (Spanky’s dream wedding dress is probably a goth one and mine’s like in white PVC; Nats is having a traditional cheongsam), there’s the music (finding a suitable band can be such a feat), buffet (good food, good deco, good price!) and more! And it’s difficult to hand off these responsibilities over to someone else since afterall, if there’s a minor issue one’s not happy with, it kinda soils the mood. That’s why Nats is busy with everything and isn’t letting her mom-in-law handle the food stuff. Okaaay. Me being me, i asked her if there will be sharksfin served on the day. She hasn’t decided but she does know what I think of it. Sigh. Chinese people eat practically anything.


Spanky’s getting a new tattoo soon. Yes, another one. She liked my ankh idea too and will be going for a goth theme. Nat’s coming to see and I won’t be going for my tongue piercing, not that i’m chickening out because the pain’s nothing really, it’s just the aftercare that sucks especially when I wouldn’t be able to thaalk properree when i speeakth during all my perthomances as Magic Babe.


So, it’s tempting but I’ll paeth. I mean, pass!!!!!

It was almost 2am when we finally left, but not before taking pictures to remember this outing of course *grin* We don’t really like disturbing the staff because they’re busy so we did it ourselves! It isn’t easy as you can clearly see…


1st attempt: Nats HAD to blink…


2nd attempt: Spanky looked like she was sneezing…


3rd attempt: Almost perfect… but not yet…


Final attempt: Purrrrrrrrrrrfect, everyone looks good and is in frame!

 I got a call from a friend, Jamie, to join her and some friends over at Fullerton for drinks but being a good little girl, I headed home though I certainly was no Cinderella *grin* I had an awesome time with the girls, though it was just the 3 of us but we were still enjoying each other’s company so much that the other tables around us kept looking at us greys (N1 & N2) and black (Spanky)! Gosh, I can’t wait for Nat’s June wedding!!!




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