Mighty Magic Factory on AsiaOne

Yesterday was the start of the week but it already saw us busy with external meetings! Talk about the Monday blues… but it was all good actually. After work, I headed over to see a new dentist for a routine dental check-up and was very pleasantly surprised to find that the distinguished gentleman who checked my teeth and did the polish was really the very same orthodontist I went to when I was a kid!

 Dr. Loh practically looks (and sounds and smells) the same and he actually recognized me somewhat. He recalls me as the talkative MGS girl who’s always asking him questions. Hahahaha… When probed if he thought I changed much, my kindly dentist smiled and said that I’ve grown taller for sure. Okaaaay. Well, it was a great reunion anyway, and he chuckled when I replied his question on what I did for a living. We took a photo together afterwards too, but I won’t display it here since I didn’t ask him. He may be shy!

 Anyway, today sees the Mighty Magic Factory team in the news again, this time in a special write-up exclusively featured in AsiaOne’s Education segment *grin* Check out the Mighty Magic Factory team in the news on AsiaOne, SPH’s popular news portal. Here’s a bit of a sneak peek…

The article goes on and also quotes me, with a link to their online vodcast video clip as well. It’s been a super busy start to the week so I can’t wait for tomorrow.



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