When my sister took this, I felt like dying…

Not good. I’m officially sick 😦 I actually threw up not one, not two, not three but actually four times in total after writing last night’s blog entry. Good thing mom was around and she knew what meds to give me even though it was at 6am in the morning and everyone else was asleep.

The show must still go on and to be honest, it really wasn’t easy hauling myself out of bed for the show today at Raffles Place. J C and I were booked for an outdoor illusion show for James (GE Money) at Chevron House in the Central Business District and Shaun & Boon were there too to manage the logistics and other matters.

Needless to say, I was completely dizzy and in cold sweat but I know I did okay at the end because we actually drew quite a crowd despite the bad weather and the event producer had no complaints at all. He said it was a good show but the sound system was a bit loud (oops) but we did what we were hired for well, interweaving messages in our acts so it’s not fluff. Many people were filming us as well, on their mobile phones, and I know from the smiles of the people who stopped and watched that they actually enjoyed themselves.

I was perspiring profusely (cold sweat!) during my straight jacket escape routine because it really does exert me and once I got off stage, I requested Boon to help get me some water because I needed it badly. God, I actually felt so woozy! Reliable as always, she got two bottles from I don’t know where, which I guzzled down carefully because my stomach still felt really bad (has been for days now). I’m not sure if it’s food poisoning or stomach flu actually, but Mom says I’ve just been overworking myself with all those (inevitable!) late nights. Eeps.

Anyway, I bumped into my uncle right after the show, just when we were about to grab lunch and he noticed that I was unwell. Uncle Al’s a real big sweetie and he was so concerned, I actually felt bad for being sick. But I assured him that I’d be heading home right after lunch and didn’t expect him to call Dad about it. Yikes. Dad’s away on a business trip today so he was worried when his brother informed him about me being sick, but it’s honestly just a bug that will go away. I love my uncle, he’s really angel and I know he really cares 🙂 LOL!

Thing was, after the guys drove me home, Boon was the next victim of this mysterious bug because she threw up twice after she reached the office. I swear, this deadly viral infection is getting all of us and Shawn’s really the super spreader who started this all. Again. Grah… I really hope to completely recover soon, I so hate being sick. It’s really not fun and tomorrow evening sees a World Vision event, which I’ve been looking forward to. Once I came home, I changed up and plopped into bed (I didn’t even have the energy to remove all my performance make-up… the horrors!) but at least I had some decent company to amuse/ irritate me (hence the picture above), besides Sponge Bob who says yes to me all the time, before I drifted off to deep sleep.

MM Lee aka Mom (Magician’s Mother Lee) took me to see a Chinese sinseh after she came home from work, despite my pleading and begging and whining. I’ve always been adverse to TCM because I’m such a big wuss when it comes to these things. I’m not even talking about acupuncture, but just the bitter medication alone… it’s icky! Sigh. But at least the kindly doctor at Eu Yan Sang was nice though it seemed like my mom and her were best friends, yakking away as I was groveling in my corner from my severe discomfort.

After coming back, I had a simple dinner and watched Shrek on TV. It felt surreal, watching television at a time where I’m usually still at work. Heh. Anyway, I really do love Shrek. It’s like my second most favorite movie, right after Mr & Mrs Smith, only because it doesn’t have Angelina Jolie. I’m kidding. The animated film is fantastic because it’s great in so many ways – the storyline, the characters, the music, the animation itself… it’s got wonderful self-esteem messages in there about self-worth, confidence issues, love, acceptance and friendship. I’ve watched it over a dozen times (2 times less than I’ve watched Singin’ in the Rain) and still love it. My sisters find it annoying that I know the entire dialogue, line by line. Hah!

Anyway, I’m feeling better after (being force-fed) the medicine, and I’m gonna rest early tonight. Ta for now, more later!


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