Day of the theatre show :)

I can’t believe it’s all finally over… we had a pretty good reception for “The Magic Within” today at Ulu Pandan CC with about 85% of the auditorium filled and most importantly, the kids seemed to love us. I could hear their loud chuckles and laughter all the way from the control room. A news team sent down by Channel News Asia interviewed the Mighty Magic Factory team as well. The reporter seemed especially tickled by Captain Amazing and his obnoxiously funny side-kick, Kenny the Friendly Chicken.

More photos to come, I promise, but meanwhile, here’s just one for the interim… it’s the friendly journalist from the Straits Times being swamped by curious children (don’t they all look like angels?) after watching the show. We’ll be featured in Little Red Dot too, a newspaper for young students by SPH!

Little kiddo sharing what he liked about “The Magic Within”

I’m still running a fever unfortunately, so please forgive me if you came by for today’s show and didn’t see much of me. I was already trying hard not to faint  (besides being nauseous, I was feeling dizzy) before the news camera and I still had to be in the control room to do the voice-overs and all, besides sitting with the SPH reporter for a one hour interview.

Won’t be blogging too much tonight, though there’s so much to say. The gang did a terrific job despite some minor technical hiccups and there’s the annoying viral bug that’s going around. I think I need more rest. Plus, J C and I have a customized illusion show booking tomorrow afternoon at Raffles Place and I need to make sure I do a good job.

Grah… I really hate feeling like this! I don’t wanna be sick 😦


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