Mighty Magic Factory in the news!

It’s only the start of the week but it already sees us in various media! If you check out today’s “Life! Events” page in the Straits Times newspaper, you’ll see our theatre show The Magic Within write-up in there!

There was also that bit on Saturday afternoon that saw us on “Record Breakers” on MediaCorp TV’s Kids Central too *grin* J C appeared in an exclusive half-page feature in the Straits Times ‘Recruit’ section. It was so prominent, my mom noticed it first thing that Saturday morning.

J C is popping up all over the place, like magic…

Besides J C appearing in the newspapers and yours truly featured on TV, the Mighty Magic Factory team was also feature in the Straits Times lifestyle section on Sunday!

That’s us Mighty Magic Factory people in there!!!

Shawn and Sherman pointing us out…

The Mighty Magic Factory team will be in the Straits Times “Life!” section all the way till Wednesday, the day of our theatre show. If you haven’t yet bought tickets, now’s the time to do so because I really wouldn’t recommend trying to get tickets at the door since it’s free seating and we’d truly feel bad if we had to turn you away because it was full house. You can easily purchase tickets for our edutainment variety arts theatre show “The Magic Within”, through Singapore’s #1 online magic shop serving South East Asia… Magic Boutique! *grin*

Meanwhile, do look out for TODAY tomorrow – we’ll be featured in the very popular tabloid newspaper available easily nationwide, as well as, AsiaOne, SPH’s online news portal!


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