Four customized illusion shows over this weekend!!!

It’s Sunday night and poking my keyboard in bed right now, I really can’t believe that it’s going to be Monday – a start of the new week – in just a few short hours. Sigh. Where did my weekend go?!?!

Okaaaaaay, I think I do actually know where it went (poof, up in smoke) but I did enjoy myself though it was quite a crazy schedule with 3 illusion shows back to back yesterday and then another this afternoon. You can check out the Concept:Magic website where J C updates all our projects for the details.

Last night’s special event illusion show for the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) was pretty cool; the crowd was quite reserved initially but once we hit the stage, they came alive and that was fantastic. Today’s customized show for SingPost was for a general crowd and since there were plenty of kids around, I didn’t groove for my straightjacket bit (as you know, Magic Babe’s straight jacket striptease is usually sensual and suggestive) because it didn’t feel right. LOL. I opened with fire pois because it was an outdoor show but I still feel pyro stuff are so much better at night, because there’s this magical feeling to it.

Anyway, all our event partners for the shows we did this weekend were really happy and more importantly, the clients and the folks we performed for actually liked our show. I suppose it is extremely refreshing to them to see a dynamic duo like J C Sum and Magic Babe on stage because there’s no other professional two person act for high-end magic and illusions here 🙂

Anyway, after we were done with our illusion show this afternoon (my fourth for the weekend), I felt I really needed to unwind. Boon already had plans with friends and Shaun said he needed to catch a nap, so I ended up going to catch “The Leap Years” alone with J C. This new local movie directed by Jean Yeo is based on a novella by Dr. Catherine Lim, one of Singapore’s most famous writers.

I never read the book but I actually loved the movie because it reflected cosmopolitan Singapore and I could actually identify with some of the characters. It was a fantastic effort and IMHO, certainly the best English speaking local film I’ve seen thus far. I can’t wait for the DVD to come out and yes, I’d encourage you to catch this. It’s a really good movie!

The stellar cast was excellent, though I honestly felt that a couple of characters in the film were miscast because it wasn’t entirely believable but what surprised me was that the film actually had a gay character in it (played by popular radio personality, Vernetta Lopez) which was really unexpected, considering how strict censors usually are. And no, she doesn’t get killed off too, like typical gay characters in straight movies usually do.

Then, half way through the show, I had a mini-crush.

J C rolled his eyes when he heard me gasp in the dark when Jason Chan came on screen. He plays the Mr. Nice Guy who got dumped at the wedding altar when our dreamy protagonist realizes her soulmate was actually the boho dude (who looks like the Asian version of Orlando Bloom with long rebonded hair) which she met less than 5 occasions and Mr. Nice Guy actually lets her go.


I’m sorry, but what was she thinking?! *smacks forehead* Okay, so I found a picture of Jason Chan off the internet but he looks a lot cuter in the film because he had glasses on and all. Yes, I actually do like glasses on people. It makes them look a lot smarter for one, in a sexy kind of way. Haha… here, he looks so young 😛

FYI, he’s also the new host for The Arena 2, replacing Adrian Pang and guess what… Jason played the Green Ranger (like in Power Rangers) when he was younger. I actually find that really cute. Heh. You can call me bias, I don’t care!!!

Anyways, J C and I headed over to a giant toy store after the movie and that’s when someone who watched our illusion show yesterday noticed us and stopped to say hi. He remembered our names and sheepishly said he noticed me first (then J C… hah!) and shook our hands, politely thanking us for the great illusion show on Saturday. What a real sweetheart! 🙂

It was a quick pop into the biggest toy shop in Singapore right after that. I suppose you can say it’s the big curious kid inside me talking but I always feel happy checking out toys. Turns out, J C has their VIP card!!! He’s apparently bought so many different Transformers stuff from them that he decided to might as well just get their membership card for the discounts.

Anyway, the geeky side of me went a bit loco (and people who don’t know me always assume that I’m aloof or unapproachable because of my sultry on-stage personality) so here’s some photos I made J C take of yours truly, while I whirled around the store like the Tasmanian Devil…

Magic Babe: Wrestling Diva (yeah, right)

Okay, this is the truth… honest to god. I’ve always been a wrestling fan (I actually like the ‘heels’ a lot better than the ‘faces’, but I guess that’s the classic bad boy appeal) and even had a Hulk Hogan action figure when I was younger. My cousin Alex and I would be jumping on someone’s bed like banshees, pretending to be wrestlers like Bret “Hitman” Hart or The Undertaker while my little sister would be playing with her Barbie. I even had a stack of WWF collectable cards and gave away all the cards that featured the Bushwhackers because the duo always gave me the creeps. They looked like grubby short Popeyes.


…Behold the power of Apple!

Can you believe it, big time toymakers are even selling stuff like these to little girls! Steve Jobs must be one very, very happy man… I wonder if I could ever sell Magic Babe: Magic Eyeliner internationally one day. Well, a girl can only dream.

Moving on!

Okay, I really don’t get this one…

*ding dong*

Relative you really hate (RYRH) opens the door and displays mock affection.

RYRH: Oh hello! Welcome to our sweet little Gretchen’s birthday party! *looks up and down at you in disdain* Love that dress on you by the way, it’s very uhm, pretty… is it from This Fashion?

You: *laughs airily* Oh of course not my darling Abigail, unlike you love, I unfortunately don’t have their membership discount card and subscription! Anyway, this is for your sweet little angel. Please tell her happy birthday for me…

RYRH: Why, thank you very much. We cannot thank you enough surely *grimaces as you dump the above featured toy in her hands, which show her actual age because the rest of her skin is taut with botox jabs*

You: Oh, we didn’t wrap it up because you know how very passionate we are about saving the Earth. This is an educational toy by the way… I’m you’re your sweet little angel will find it extremely fetching.

RYRH:  Indeed. I’m very sure she’s always wanted a brand new… *looks at box and reads out loud* …“My Cleaning Trolley With Vacuum Cleaner” set.

You: But of course sweetheart, but of course!

…………………..No, like really. What were they thinking?!?!?!


And they dare to put that pink stamp on the top corner that reads “GIRLS ONLY”!?! *sigh* This is so completely not something I’d get for someone I love. And neither is the next one too actually…

Something really stinks…

Yes, I’m still in the very same toy store and they’re selling baby toy diapers in a bag. I still don’t get it. But of course they had a lot more hits than misses and I was pleasantly surprised to find this…

Now this is brilliant!

I would so get this for my god-daughter (if I had one) or niece. They even had a pink Monopoly set, called the “Boutique Edition”. I swear, these toy companies must pay a ton to savvy marketers to come up with these nifty ideas and more. The little classic tokens for the world’s most popular board game have been replaced (no more boots, top hats or dogs) with swanky tokens like a mobile phone, a Chihuahua, a high heeled shoe and more. Extremely Paris Hilton inspired, if you ask me.

Anyway, I saw something I wanted to get for J C…

J C plays tooth fairy…

Just kidding. He’s a brave man anyway, for daring to pose like this. Hahaha… I guess the entire trip to the toy store would have been great (it was wonderful being a child again and letting your imagination roam freely and I got some ideas and inspiration) if not for this at the end, just when I was leaving the store…


WHO LET THE CLOWNS OUT?!?!?!?! (Who? Who? Who?)


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