J C featured in both editions of The New Paper today!

J C Sum displays his 2-page exclusive interview in TNP

J C just ended his grueling reservist stint only this evening so we all haven’t seen much of him, but work at our magic hub (which houses Concept:Magic, Mighty Magic Factory and Magic Boutique) is still as hectic as ever! Anyway, today saw J C in both the morning and afternoon edition of SPH’s The New Paper!

Yes, isn’t it incredible? If you remember, the man was just featured on the Business Times newspapers just last week *grin* Stay tuned to this coming Sunday’s Straits Times as well, there’s another cover on J C!

Anyway, it was another long day ending with everyone leaving late because all of us are putting our heart and soul into Mighty Magic Factory’s latest theatre production, “The Magic Within”. It’s really awesome because Channel News Asia (yes, CNA!) will be coming down to cover the event! Tickets for our afternoon matinee show (4pm, next Wednesday during the school holidays) are still available exclusively at Magic Boutique, but only while stocks last. Tickets are selling fast and the evening show is completely sold out. I was given word that the beneficiaries of Children’s Cancer Foundation are truly looking forward to it *grin*

So that’s yours truly and the other hardworking Mighty Magic Factory performers involved in the show, doing a pow-wow discussion after today’s full day rehearsal in our studio.

A Mighty Magic Factory “POW WOW”!

Oh yes, do catch “Record Breakers” on MediaCorp TV’s Kids Central this Saturday afternoon – the Mighty Magic Factory team’s on it!!!


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