TODAY interview and photoshoot

MediaCorp Publishing’s popular tabloid newspaper, TODAY, will be featuring us very soon *grin* I just ended the two and a half hour long media interview with their reporter (a very friendly and wonderful person by the way) and the feature will be printed prior to our Mighty Magic Factory theatre show next Wednesday. Yay!!!

Do check out the tabloid available nationwide when it comes out either later this week or early next week *grin* Meanwhile, here are a couple of photos of the Mighty Magic Factory team at the newspaper photoshoot this afternoon. Along with us for the ride are some of our loveable puppet friends. I hope the photos come out in color.

Behold, our completely unglamorous behind-the-scenes scoop!

I swear, Kenny the Friendly Chicken can be such a camera whore…

…See what I mean?

Tuffy and Kenny the Friendly Chicken entertain us by cracking a couple of jokes while we’re all getting ready

(-_-“) Still waiting for the photographer to fix his flash…

Checking out if the photos taken came out okay on his digital camera…

A quick discussion on re-positioning for a better take…

Jodie the Fire Girl checks out the photographer’s professional digital camera. She’s apparently quite the gadget geek too…

Our alien friend, Zorko, being playful as usual…

Checking out the new batch of pix…

Kinetic Gal takes a break… smiling too hard can give you a cramp!

Everyone say… CHEEEEEZE!!!

Phew! As you can see, it sure wasn’t easy getting the best photo that does everyone justice. KFC looks like he’s about to faint in the picture above *chuckle* Anyways, do check out the “Life!” event section of the Straits Times this coming Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday too, as we’ll be on it. We’ve got another exclusive interview slated on Friday with AsiaOne, so more on that later *grin*

It’s just so awesome that the media recognizes good local talent and that they’re so supportive of our endeavors, especially when they realize that its creative youth like us trying to give back to society as well. There’s over a hundred beneficiaries from CCF (Children’s Cancer Foundation) coming to watch “The Magic Within” next week, with their families and CCF volunteers. That’s really super because our show would certainly benefit them!

Thanks for reading… have a great mid-week Wednesday!

Miss Ning does a happy dance…


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