Crme Brulee Blues

J C & I had an illusion show this evening at the Grand Copthorne Waterfront, situated just in front of everyone’s favorite hang-out, Zouk. I teased Will if he’d be heading down to the club after the show since it’s the place to be seen at, but Mr. Playeur surprisingly told me that he had to head home… to finish up some homework *wry grin* So much for the great Romeo!

Anyways, the response from the audience at the swanky hotel tonight was great, especially for my straightjacket striptease and our ending illusion act. By the time we left the venue, it was nearly ten at night and though I was starving before the show, I realized I didn’t feel hungry anymore. It’s just one of those things when after a certain time passes, you feel more exhausted than hungry. I guess it’s my fault really, I just hate to eat before showtime because I just don’t want to risk the chance of feeling sluggish.

Mr. “Iron” Will had food at home as usual (the man cooks too… how sexy is that?!) so I just accompanied J C for dinner at Bakerzin, though I just ordered dessert while he had a sandwich and pasta. So, lo… behold, may I present to you, the world’s tiniest vanilla crème brulee ever!

This is not a joke…I finished this in two bites.

I’m a huge crème brulee fan and this just completely depressed me. Can you imagine… after a long hard day at work, you just wanna enjoy a nice treat (comfort food!) and they actually serve this joke in front of you. I don’t know what they were thinking when they came up with this but it just doesn’t make any sense. Seriously, I’d rather pay more for a decent portion and I’m sure most people would too!

When we were paying for our food, the restaurant manager served us and tried to up-sell some 1-for-1 dessert coupons. We bought one for the warm chocolate cake (I ordered that too because obviously, the crème brulee didn’t even make a dent in my stomach), and I just casually gave her feedback because I cared. Nicely of course, because my parents didn’t raise me to be otherwise.

After chatting, we realized that apparently I’m not the first customer to have complaints about the very pathetic wee size of Bakerzin’s vanilla crème brulee but what really, really surprises me is that nothing’s yet to be done. Her explanation was that the shallow dish (dimensions are pretty much like the ones you’d use for sauce in a good Chinese restaurant) was used to contain the crème brulee because it’d be the perfect mass for the ‘best’ texture.

I guess like artists, various chefs have different philosophies but I beg to differ with this particular ‘reason’. I’ve tried crème brulees from many other sources (good ones at that) both overseas and here, and they are still FANTASTIC despite being way more generous in their portions so yes, I think it’s quite a lame excuse to justify their meager servings. Perhaps they should just properly train all their chefs in all their outlets on how to make good crème brulee instead of resorting to short-cuts and lame explanations.

I know, I know… I sound completely uncharacteristically anal right now (I’m only human, I can’t be Miss Sunshine all the time) but crème brulee is really my number one favorite dessert and this just totally irks me because, objectively, this isn’t a buffet thingy or butler pass… this is a dine-in restaurant where their desserts are supposed to be their main highlights!!!

Trust me, it’s completely not about the quality VS quantity thing because if you didn’t already know, I’m not your typical Singaporean who believes more is best… it’s really the context because it wasn’t like this particular vanilla crème brulee was exactly to die-for. SIGH.

Okay, moving on…

After we stepped out of Bakerzin (where I politely told the understanding manager that I’d unfortunately never ever order their crème brulee again, in which she gave a rueful nod), I noticed a cordoned-off area in the shopping mall’s atrium where some products were still left out for display quite openly though they had a security guard looking after the place. Sorta.

The sugar from the warm chocolate cake (yes the cake, not the miserable crème brulee) I had must have sent my cheeky mind into over-drive so I just couldn’t resist pulling this corny gag while the seated security guard wasn’t looking behind him. This was just completely for fun of course, because once the photo was taken, I started scampering off like a giggly school girl much to J C’s amusement, because the (surprisingly) observant security guy actually turned back to look as he noticed the camera flash!

Hee hee hee…

N.I.N.G = Naughty (but) Incredibly Nice Girl!

Since we were kids, my mom’s always pointed me out as the cheeky one who always instigates things and she claims that this still hasn’t changed one bit. But, this was hilarious really, and I felt much better after that. I know, I know, I can be so quirky sometimes. I just can’t help it! *grin*

Anyway, on the escalator as we made our way back to his car, J C pointed out an interesting pillar advertisement that just didn’t make much directional sense. The clog wheels in my mind started turning again and with my enthusiastic partner in crime, we did a series of “around the coconut tree” shots of me doing the Bollywood thing around the pillar.

Let me show you what I mean… 😉

Really? Okaaay…

Moving to my left…


There ain’t anything!

Double checking… nope, nothing!

Okay, I give up!

Keep the sugar away from me!!!!!!!!!


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