J C’s half page feature in Singapore’s premiere business newspaper today!

This Tuesday morning started out SWELL because J C’s exclusive featured article finally came out on Page 9 of the Business Times today! His half-page interview even had his picture as well, and it is the very first thing you see in their SME (small medium enterprise) Spotlight section! Very nice indeed *grin*

The business article was extremely well written and has an honest portrayal of J C as a modern day marketing guru (because he is so much more than just a professional in magic), as well as, the one who ‘brought magic into the mainstream market in Asia’… this kinda makes J C the Bruce Lee of Magic, I suppose, since the latter was responsible for bringing in kung-fu to the Western world! 🙂 By the way, just in case you missed it, you can actually download the article off the SPH website for a nominal fee.

Yours truly getting a pat on the head by J C for doing a brilliant job as his publicist

Anyway, I was feeling quite sleep deficient after my long night out with Melissa but Adeline was super in bringing in a whole tray of yummy chocolates when she came to the office and even Matt dropped by too. Since there were 7 of us later, we naturally had another round of office war games with our RBGs after work at about 7pm. Prior to that, there was some really keen interest in plate spinning… It’s Ade’s fault really. She made it look so easy but it really isn’t!

Our professional magic juggler at work – Ade makes spinning plates on a stick balanced on her palm look like the easiest thing on earth!

Shaun tries his hand at it but while he’s a great contact juggler, plate spinning doesn’t seem to be quite his cuppa tea… Sherman has that panicky “Oh sh*t, please don’t hit me on the head” look on his face!

Undaunted, Shaun still doesn’t give up despite crashing the plate to the floor every 3 seconds or so…

I swear, Shaun looks almost maniacal when he finally gets it…


Right, that was the very last thing I remembered after the concussion from a severe direct collision on the head by an unidentified round heavy plastic spinning object. Thanks to who else but Shaun and his many skills *wry grin* Talk about impeccable (mis)timing!

Anyways, Ade (my darling BFF who got me a super nice pen and self-made card today, for no apparent reason) and I had dinner at my favorite steak place after work this evening and it was great. I ate an entire cow and felt a wee tinge of guilt after that. I guess I’m really lucky to have this particular body type where I get to scoff down so much but never ever get fat. Heh heh. Bring on the dessert!

On our way home, we spotted this again…

We’re still standing… how long more do we have to stand to win, exactly? *yawn*

Please click here and scroll down all the way on the page of my previous post if you don’t get this running gag *grin* Life’s too short to act serious all the time!!!


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