AsiaOne to feature Mighty Magic Factory!

This is so completely awesome… SPH’s popular online news portal, AsiaOne, will be featuring Mighty Magic Factory soon on their website come this March! It’s fantastic that the media supports us local talents. They were impressed as well that CCF is a beneficiary because I believe very much in giving back to the community *grin*

Oh yes, tickets to our evening theatre show are already sold out, but please show your support by purchasing tickets for our matinee run of The Magic Within this 12 March! Check out Mighty Magic Factory for full details on our dynamic 90min edutainment variety arts theatre show 🙂 Trust me, it’s GOOD STUFF and will completely benefit all children who watch it. Tickets are selling fast so do grab yours ASAP!

There’s nothing else to blog about this Monday… except that I met my friend Melissa for dinner this evening and ended up waiting 2 hours for her. I don’t know why but there always seem to be a time issue whenever I’m with her. The last time we met up for a meal at a Japanese restaurant saw us taking almost two hours to get to our destination as well. Mmm mmm mmm.

She told me to meet her at 8pm but only came at 10pm, so by then I’d had dinner and a dessert at Coffee Club (without her, because I was near to fainting) so I had a second dinner with her at Fullerton. I guess I was in a good mood today so I didn’t rail at her but seriously, being stood up is my ultimate pet peeve but I was surprisingly patient and just waited for her because a part of me understood that it was due to work anyway.

During those two hours from 8 – 10pm, I realized two things mainly…

1)    People approach you with fliers for trial spa, gym and yoga club memberships when you’re sitting alone at Raffles Place square minding your own business

2)    Those pathetic looking people trying to selling you stuffed toys (like pirated ‘Nemo’s) after flashing you a sign that indicates that they are deaf-mutes do not understand sign language at all (like, duh!) because they completely could not comprehend when I signed “How Are You?”

3)    I totally suck at playing the pre-loaded “snakes” game on my Nokia N95

Anyway, Melissa just about terrified me after dinner by insisting I drove us back because she had a whiskey (I had a sip and it was good stuff!) after we took a moment to locate her car at the car park… which in itself, was another quirky midnight (mis)adventure of its own. It then took almost forever to head back home and to be honest, I’m seriously contemplating buying a GPS unit for my friend to use when Melissa’s on the road. Because she needs it. Period. Full stop. *solemnly shakes head* Sigh!

Oh yeah, Dad just got a new Patek Philippe split seconds chronograph watch from their Grand Complications series, which looks completely spanking. I don’t know how much it is because he wouldn’t tell me but I really love his new accessory – it’s extremely classy and looks great on him!


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