Magic Babe in MagicSeen (March08) Magazine!

We had another office war game today and since there were 6 of us, we decided to do 3 gals VS 3 guys. Yup, that’s right… Ade, Boon and I went up against Shawn, Sherman and J C to do battle in this deadly gender war! The result after 5 very tiring but completely exhilarating games (that almost had a tie) was… the gals won!!!

What did you expect 😉 Afterall, there is a song that goes… “The Female of the Species is more DEADLY than the Male”

Ade, Boon & I were terrific in kicking the boy’s butts really… the two of them flanked the sides while I did centre and about. Mind you, the guys didn’t give us any chances at all and were completely stumped when we won that final round because they didn’t expect us to go completely RAMBO about it. I’m extremely proud of our wonderful team spirit – GAL POWER!!! 🙂

It’s so true that you can tell one’s personality and character by how they play the game. My strategy for my team was simple – take out the leader of the boy’s side. With J C out, finishing off the rest of the guys was easier. *grin* It worked!

Anyways, this is just so cool… MAGICSEEN, the biggest magic magazine in the UK, has a (HOT OFF THE PRESS!) 4-page exclusive on ‘Magic Babe’ Ning in their brand new March 08 issue. This is just part 1 because it continues in the next issue – yes, there’s a juicy part 2! *grin* It’s the first time any Asian magic professional has a two part feature and I’m the 2nd Singaporean magician to be featured in this very popular magazine… J C Sum being the first (who else)… Heh 🙂

Just check out the MAGICSEEN website @!! You can purchase and download the softcopy of the magazine as well! The current issue can be downloaded @ 🙂

Here’s a screen capture of the current page:

Hey! Who’s that familiar-looking guy in red on top?

I think it’s so cool that for some uncanny reason, J C & I are featured on the very same page of this UK magazine. That’s him above (all clean shaven) holding a playing card! His exclusive interview with them was a few years back (during his street magic and illusion special for MediaCorp) and they were so impressed with what he’s done for the magic community, so much so, that MAGICSEEN actually called J C the “Ace in Asia” 🙂 Nice.

Here’s a bit of a sneak peek of Part 1 of the exclusive interview with ‘Magic Babe’ Ning *grin* I so love the headline the MAGICSEEN team came up with… THE NING DYNASTY!

Magic Babe makes the news once again!

Part 1 is 4 pages long and I think Part 2 would be about the same with more photos too. Do check out the magazine and let me know what you think! 🙂

Meanwhile, I just found a couple of photos I took with the Queenies from some months back. Us university mates are meeting up again next week for a nice dinner most likely at Dempsey Road after work and I’m looking forward to it already. Looking through them zany photos just makes me giggle…

The fab four… yours truly, Nats, Mabes & Spanky!


MUAKS! Nats looks every bit the supremely lucky gal.

Mabes squeezing the life out of Nats and me after dessert…

Gosh. I so love my gal pals. We Queenies certainly have a ya-ya sisterhood going! The bunch of us look so crazy in those photos but we were really having just good, clean fun.

Oh yeah. I just sent my new 2008 promo pictures to print. I wonder if anyone reading this blog (yes, all 3 of you… you know who you are) would be interested in purchasing these exclusive Magic Babe posters off Magic Boutique. Do drop me an email if you are! 🙂

Singapore’s only professional female magician & Mega Illusionist, J C Sum!

PS: For those who have been following the Edison Chen sex scandal, he’s issued an official public apology which has just been released online. I’m not a fan of his because I’m not really into Hong Kong entertainment but seriously, everyone should just give the poor guy (and all the girls involved) a break! Who are we to be so judgmental, seriously? People aren’t perfect and we all make mistakes.

Besides, those photos that leaked on the internet were stolen from him and weren’t meant to be public in the first place! While he has ‘celebrity status’ because of his job, Edison is just like any other regular flawed human being with a private life and people should simply respect that. Can we all move on now? *yawn*


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