Uncle John (Magic Boutique advisor and reviewer, as well as, president of the International Brotherhood of Magicians Ring 115) came by our studio today to pick up the latest magic goodies for review and very kindly dropped off a box of yummy donuts for the bunch of us at work. He’s the best!!!! Anyways. Everyone around me knows what a big chocoholic I am so naturally, the double chocolate one was mine. YUM!

Double choc dips for the girl!

Shawn took the egg-cellent looking one… I thought it was custard but the yellow bit in the centre was actually mango! Now who would have thought of that… Egg-xactly!

I love to disturb Mr Boss when he is eating. Haha…

Shawn being a greedy pig and swiping a chunky bite off my donut when I turned around! OEI!!

This afternoon was brilliant because 8 of us were in today so naturally we made time for a long-awaited office war game with our new and nasty rubberband guns!!! These babies have been waiting very patiently in their dark corner to be used again and they finally saw the light today. Heh.

Boon and yours truly doing a Mr & Mrs Smith 🙂 I love my sniper rifle!

Ning goes commando for a change 😉

I decided to go commando today instead of being the team’s usual sniper midway. Hee hee. What were you thinking? *innocent look* Oh yeah, J C is fantastic at gun battle. He’s probably the most fearless and gung-ho office “warrior” in the field. The man moves surprisingly fast too and he’s super deadly!

Behind enemy lines…

That’s my dear Shawn and Sherman taking refuge behind J C’s $20K illusion. Look what REVO-LLUISON has become! LOL. But the grills of the illusion provide excellent cover really *sheepish grin* Sherman’s very sneaky when he makes his calculated moves but Shawn just stays where he is and never ever advances from his corner… wuss!

Terrorist cell leader making a phone call requesting backup…

Men in Black!

Triumphant faces after winning the first round. Woot!

I dunno why but J C has that super duper fierce “YOU ARE DEADMEAT” face. Good thing we’re on the same team, otherwise… DEATH! 😛 Anyways, J C calls me a go-getter because I’m not afraid to kick ass in the war zone and play advance/attack. I think I’m just a big picture person so I’m a war zone strategist! *grin* The rest of the guys just think I’m deadly. Hahahaha…

Boon reloading her gun. She’s seriously good with her hands – she reloads the RBGs faster than any of the other guys! I love having Boon in the team, she moves like lightning and is also a tough cookie!

Mr Boss with his toys… who knew RBGs could be so fun!

Sneaking a quick photo before the final war starts… We won in the end of course. Heh heh heh.

Oh yes, de-stressing office games that promote team bonding aside, I wanted to share that Shawn will be featured in April’s issue of Mother & Baby! The popular Singapore parenting magazine interviewed him (Captain Amazing actually) for his professional advice in planning a stellar birthday party! Do look out for that coming to stores soon later next month 🙂 It’s pretty cool because if you remember, this March sees Captain Amazing featured in the popular Science Spy kids magazine as well!

Meanwhile, please check out Mighty Magic Factory’s upcoming theatre show entitled “The Magic Within” which is coming up really soon. There will be a matinee and evening slot on 12 March for the 90min edutainment variety arts production, which plays at Ulu Pandan CC auditorium. I’d really appreciate your support!!! Thank you so much 🙂 🙂 🙂
Hope you had a great mid-week Wednesday!


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