Dinner and drinks with old buddies

Freshly peeled mandarin oranges from J C’s wonderful mom! *slurp*

Monday came too soon and I barely felt rested after working over the whole weekend so this came as a very nice treat when Mr Boss came into the office with a generous tray full of freshly peeled mandarin oranges for the whole lot of us! J C’s mom is ever thoughtful as always and even gave us nice CNY goodies prior. They are fantastic afternoon munchies for the lot of us at work.

*munch munch*

We’ve been extremely busy with the preparations for next month’s Mighty Magic Factory theatre show, entitled THE MAGIC WITHIN. In case you aren’t aware, tickets are available exclusively through Magic Boutique, at just $18 per pax. We have the matinee and evening show and it is free seating so don’t be late (a very nasty Singaporean habit!) *grin* The Children’s Cancer Foundation is our official beneficiary and all their beneficiaries, families and volunteers get to watch this edutainment variety arts theatre show free.

It’s a production that I’m personally very proud of, on so many different levels, so please lend your support to this local variety arts theatre production. The edutainment aspect is strong and it certainly isn’t just “fluff”  It’s certainly GOOD stuff! I’ll be there as well, so please feel free to wave hi or talk to me.

Anyways. Boon and I met up with old friends of ours to de-stress after work today and we had a fantastic time at Shokudo before heading over to CHIJMES for drinks. The new Japanese restaurant is huge and I felt really lost (but what’s new, coming from the girl who lacks a sense of direction) and it certainly was crowded. While it’s pretty new, it has a similar concept to Marche & Vilage. I think it a tad strange that while they serve Japanese food, they also have German rosti and sausages like Marche & Vilage!

The bunch of us were ordering food to share and I was contemplating joining the queue for the hamburgers but I noticed the cook drop a slice of cheese on the floor and promptly picked it up with his bare hands to toss out. However, he neglected to wash his hands after that, before he took care of the patties at the grill. Mmm. Whatever happened to proper hygiene and common sense? Of course I left the queue.

Anyways, the food wasn’t too bad and depending on what you order, it could be a hit or miss. Lee Choo was complaining about their dessert crepes being too “niam niam” and it was really laughable. Anyways, here are some photos of my lovely zany bunch…

L-R: Daphne, Boon, yours truly & Lee Choo

Ah Boon being force-fed by Ivan who seems like he can’t wait to be a Dad

Ivan & Lee Choo… the sweetest couple at the table. Wait, the only couple at the table. Harharhar.

Two hungry dudes fighting for that pathetic strip of unagi eel in the bowl of fried rice that Choo just bought

Big bro Ivan telling me to stop playing with my camera NOW and start eating my food!

Ivan (with his excellent track record and talents) may just get a F&B lecturer’s position at SHATEC Singapore and Lee Choo’s currently at ZARA where she’s really happy because she’s always had  keen interest in fashion. I can’t believe I’ve known them for almost a decade really. Time just flies!

Daphne’s doing sales for a well-known wine company now and she’s going on holiday to Phuket with her husband, Kenneth (a really nice and funny guy who keeps a fire extinguisher in his car), later this week. She was supposed to go to Egypt (like, WOW!) but decided against it in the end because that meant she would have to be away from the office for 2 weeks and she just started work.

Boon bitched about her anal bosses at her new work place and I naturally whined to them about the new non-magician staff we hired who refuses to be my slave. Harharhar. Just kidding. I’m glad Boon’s fitted in so nicely with the team really and she’s great at what she does. Plus, she’s so resourceful, it’s amazing!

The five of us later headed over to a nice spot at CHIJMES across the road for drinks. I really love the place, there’s just this old magical feel to it when you allow yourself to rest your eyes on its green lawns and the grand architecture. Problem with us Singaporeans, we walk too fast to be able to fully appreciate what’s around us!

The church just looks like a magical castle to me somewhat…

Lee Choo and Ivan were telling us that they actually did consider doing their wedding there at the chapel because it looked so beautiful but didn’t in the end because of the high cost. I wouldn’t be surprised as well if there was a super long queue of couples who wanted to exchange their vows at this magnificent iconic place, which is so rich in history! Then the topic got thrown over to me because Daphne’s already married and Boon’s well, obviously Boon. Haha.

It was an interesting and candid conversation (as one would expect when there’s drinks around) about the current expectations of love and marriage, but the night had to end early because it was a work day for everyone tomorrow. I’ve got another evening illusion show tomorrow night too!

Here’s to you who’s finding that special elusive other half if you haven’t already. Never ever ‘settle’ but don’t expect to find someone ‘perfect’ because we’re all only human and you’d be setting yourself up for disappointment.

If you’re married, stay married. Don’t take your partner for granted. It’s all about doing your best to make your marriage work and it’s only convenient for you to look everywhere else but inside when there’s problems. Communicate.



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