Uploaded less than 3 months ago, my one-gal show promo video now gone past 20,000 views on YouTube! Yay 🙂 Do check out my snazzy Magic Babe promo video online if you haven’t already. Please feel free to leave comments! *grin*

It’s Sunday today but certainly no Sabbath as the whole bunch of us Mighty Magic Factory folks met up at the Arts House this afternoon for an acting workshop conducted by Michael Huxley, who specially flew down all the way to Singapore for this intensive acting class. I paid for his Scriptwriting session too, which was held over 2 days.

The entire team certainly had fun and more importantly, we all learnt many essential fundamentals and secrets about professional acting from the talented man himself. LOL. I think Michael Huxley looks a lot like Austin Powers. Only, very much taller and better looking. Yeah baby yeah!

It was quite funny because some of us had to leave before the session ended because of Mighty Magic Factory birthday party bookings and I noticed another lady leave early as well. She’s from England and I really loved her crisp accent when she spoke. Anyway, turns out, Shawn met her a few minutes later at the birthday party he was booked at because she was an invited guest! LOL. Is that uncanny or what? Singapore’s just way too small!

Anyway, do check out our fun and interesting Mighty Magic Factory blog which is updated very regularly. I love the pictures!


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