That Magical Reconnection

Cup-o-doodles! My caricature of Colin on a cup… haha…

I’m feeling really beat now because I had a whole day of rehearsals; non-stop standing full rehearsals since I came into the office, only taking a short break once to pee. I’m so glad I had a nice big breakfast with Colin prior to him dropping me off at work because I needed that! He just came back from Phuket and now he’s off to Bangkok for work again… busybusybusy! 🙂

Anyways. I only left the studio about 10 in the evening after I was done with my fire twirling. I typically use LED glow pois for my performances because they do not pose any safety hazards, which is a big issue if you start a fire on stage or make anyone feel uncomfortable with the inevitable smoke in the enclosed hotel venue.

However, I do get the occasional show at places which are open-air and I get an opportunity to bring out these babies *grin* They’re a lot heavier than glow pois, since they’ve been soaked in flammable liquid prior to being lit up on fire. And the sound… that seductive “whoosh” and the affectionate heat that radiates from the lit fire pois when I spin… I really miss all that 🙂 Fire dancing at night is awesome. There’s something very intimately magical about weaving fire around you; and the secret is all in that perfect balance – you being one with the pois, not letting them control you.

Anyways, sometime in the late afternoon, a friend popped by the office. Joshua is also an entrepreneur in the arts industry and like me, is completely nuts about what he does *grin* He’s an animator and together with 2 other talented buddies, came up with ANIMAKER, a clever animation software that allows idiot-proof animation. You may have seen some of their stuff by students on local television and movie ads. It’s simply brilliant really. We had a short chat but I had my scheduled rehearsals to finish up so he didn’t stay long.

I’m glad people like Joshua push the claymation envelope here in Singapore. By breaking so many glass ceilings, his team’s certainly an inspiration! They’re organizing an ongoing animation competition where the winning school team get to go to PIXAR studios! The previous winners from another year actually went to Studio Gibli to meet Hayao Miyazaki!!!

Oh my god.

I feel so utterly envious because Miyazaki is only like THE god of animation to me… and PIXAR studio… HELLO!!! 😦 When I was in film school, I found great joy in 2D cell drawing animation… yes, the really traditional way of doing it, not your 3D computer stuff. However, there weren’t any real professionals in the industry who did anything to further spur all that, besides the mandatory folks who taught the subject.

We need more passionate talents who can really make a difference in Singapore. Unfortunately, not every one can be so brave to step outside the norm. Well, kudos to Joshua and his brilliant team. I’m off to bed now, I’ve got my solo stage show tomorrow for 3,000 people in the afternoon & a customized illusion show with J C in the evening for non-English speaking foreigners.

I love challenges. Heh heh 🙂


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