Special show for Japanese businessmen

…Er, okay, the title may sound a tad kinky. So just in case anyone out there has a not-so-squeaky-clean mind, it’s all work and not play. Hahahaha… 😛

This evening saw J C & I perform a customized illusion show on stage for a ballroom full of Japanese guests who flew in from Tokyo. The venue was at Sentosa Cove’s ONEº15 Marina Club, which is pretty new. We valet parked because it was a 5-10 minute walk to the event venue from the carpark!!!

Anyways, the Japanese loved Magic Babe’s straightjacket striptease, which J C requested me to ham it up a bit more… *rolls eyes* And they also went crazy with J C’s miser’s dream rendition. It’s always been a classic favorite of mine – magical silver coins appearing from nowhere and in bountiful quantities! They showed their appreciation loudly for our closing illusion, the 3” Hole, and that made me remember why I so love performing for Japanese audience. They are so generous when it comes to this 🙂 Singaporeans are a lot more reserved! I’ve got another 3 more show bookings (2 being my one-gal stage show) later this weekend… woot! Busybusybusy…


Earlier in the afternoon, the Queenies & I were discussing about a possible trip to Thailand next month. It all started over MSN last night, with Spanky who bugged me about going to Bangkok with her. She’s now got everyone interested and instead of going for the boutique resort we initially planned for, this short overseas trip might be it. The girls are itching to do some shopping during this getaway and me, well, it’s the awesome authentic Thai massages that’s more appealing to me than anything else.

Mabes was telling us how a girlfriend of hers spent just S$400 and brought home 2 luggages worth of goodies, while Nats is thinking of getting some of her wedding stuff there since it’d be a value for money. I couldn’t commit because of work but I really am serious about joining my gals. Afterall, we’re spending Valentines day together – we’ll be doing a lohei as well, since it’s still within the CNY period!

The girls purposely shifted back the date so I could make it in time, just after the Mighty Magic Factory theatre show on 12 March, right smack in the middle of the school holidays! That’s right… yeah, we recently did a workshop at the Arts House (Hocus Pocus: Focus on Kids) but we’re now in the midst of perfecting our theatre show, which showcases dynamic variety arts! 🙂

Tickets can be purchased exclusively via Magic Boutique, but you can read all about our 90 min kids edutainment stage show here. There’s a matinee and evening show, and the Children’s Cancer Foundation is our official beneficiary *grin* All beneficiaries of CCF, as well as, their families and CCF volunteers get to watch this show free.

I always believe in giving back to society and I’ve always been a supporter of the Children’s Cancer Foundation for years now, as those in Singapore Magic Circle would know 🙂 By the way, 15 Feb is actually International Childhood Cancer Day!

Spread this message to all your friends!


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