It’s back to work today after a few GLORIOUS days of break because of the Chinese Lunar New Year and was a super crazy day at work today… but hey, what’s new? Heh. I had to plough through a thick stack of paperwork and emails, with many follow-up calls to make. And I actually get people asking me why do we need an office *wry grin* Well, we’re not just performers, thank you very much.

Okay, I may sound a tad grouchy but that’s because I received a call early in the morning from some telemarketer trying to sell me some credit cards. I don’t know why but these banks have been super duper aggressive these days. I’ve been getting quite a few calls, and my colleagues as well. But I actually have something to be happy about this morning… Ade’s exclusive interview on the Business Times finally came out today!

I must say it looks really good *grin* The light-hearted interview is a half page feature on page 14 of today’s Business Times! The newspaper even had a nice cheery picture of Kinetic Gal & Crash her neurotic lab rat with bright, colorful sponge balls flying everywhere! The photographer and journalist were truly wonderful 🙂 Check it out Ade’s Business Times interview online here.

Oh yes, J C’s exclusive newspaper interview will be coming out very soon on SPH’s Business Times too. Meanwhile, The New Paper will be interviewing J C early next week on all his media stuff which sees him do street magic on TV and SPHMBO outdoor media screens. Also, a popular family magazine has approached the Mighty Magic Factory team for an interview this April. What a whirl! *grin* Stay tuned for updates!


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