Stop playing with your food, Ning!

Some things never change. There are just some days where the little girl in me takes control all over again and mischievously plays with her breakfast on the table…

I think I can do better with plain ole Mr. Egg-and-Onions Chicken Porridge Man

I gave him more personality with a vegetable goatee and stylo-milo thick eyebrows…

…and a cheery pickle for a mouth!

Okay, I had to stop here because my mom was about to scream “Eat your food and stop pushing it around!”  Oh well. So much for creative freedom. I’ll never be able to exercise true artistic expression like how the Japs do it with food.

Besides the Japanese, there are other cultures who also take great pride in dressing up their servings, in case you didn’t know. Some are truly ingenious and should be given a nice gold star for artistic effort!

Eat meeeeeeeeee…

Pacman style!

Pacman style up-sized!


Anyways. I finally found a decent 2008 diary I like (yes I know it’s already almost mid February, thank you…) and I bought it so I could use it immediately. It’s actually quite funny because I always thought I’d get a conventional Filofax organizer of some sort (I was looking all over for the “right” one) but in the end, I got something entirely different. It completely works for me and I do love it, though it wasn’t what I had in mind initially 🙂

Later this afternoon saw us gather at Uncle Dan’s condo apartment to continue the CNY festivities and his son Ryan played on the electone for us. The kiddo’s good, I must say, despite the “artistic temperament” when faced with song requests. Hahaha…

My cousin Ryan belting his heart out on the keyboards as his adorning fans look on…

Aunt Madeline is Uncle Dan’s pretty wife and the mom of that blazing ball of energy called Ryan Chua… She makes FANTASTIC ginko dessert, which is my all-time favorite because I’m a big ginko nut fan. YUM!

That’s Russ, my cousin who’s all grown up now. His voice is actually deeper than his dad’s (my Uncle Al) and though he’s only in Secondary 2, he’s almost 6 feet tall! I don’t know what they feed them kiddos these days 🙂

Anyways, I found a notepad and a pen under the table that hosted the entire range of yummy CNY goodies so I started doodling some cartoons randomly, and that caught Aunt Madeline’s eye. She started showing us some of Ryan’s drawings in his various exercise books which she kept over the years and some were really hilarious and cute.

For instance, I just had to take this picture of this particular one:

The t-shirt says “I love SLY” 🙂

Sly, aka, Sylvester Sim of Singapore Idol fame is actually my distant uncle.

Say what?

Yes… we’re related. The two of us are about the same age but you know how it is with big families. Anyways, the fuzzy memory I had of him when we were kids was that he was hogging my uncle’s playstation and refused to let me have a chance at it so I hated him. Hahahahaha…

Maybe if Sly were nicer to me back then, I’d voted for him in the 2004 competition which saw Taufik beat him in the voting system. Just kidding… Ryan absolutely adores him but I’m just not into the Chinese music scene so his music is just not quite my cuppa tea 🙂 Sly sings at Dragonfly (St. James Power Station) almost every night now, I’ve been told, so if it’s your kinda thing, you might like to check it out.

Right, back to Ryan’s drawings. I really love how children allow their creativity to flow once you properly encourage them. I love this one really, on his imaginary pokemons! 🙂

I think it’s totally evident what little boys like *grin* When I was Ryan’s age, I was drawing all the time. My favorite toy my parents bought for me when I was in primary school was the brilliant Magna Doodle (besides LEGO), which would keep me entertained for hours! It was a really clever invention that saved the trees 🙂 For the uninitiated, it’s a sturdy magnetic drawing board which allows you to doodle and erase countless times.

My dad always had stacks of post-it notes around the house and I actually made my own animated flipbook (the most primitive form of animation) of stick figures dancing across the pages. I wish I kept that, I’ve got no idea where that is now!

Well, once again, I’d like to sincerely wish a very HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR TO ONE AND ALL! May the Year of the Rat be a fabulous one for you 🙂 Now’s the time to allow yourself treats like scrumptious pineapple tarts, chocolates, bakkua and more! Seriously, do that. You can always hit the gym later if you feel really guilty about it. *grin*


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