Extended family dinner @ Peach Garden, Raffles Place


To everyone who celebrates CNY, best wishes to you! *grin* May those who are young and single receive lots of ang-pows & those who are married, er well… may you get to snack on lots of yummy goodies like bahkua and not get fat! Hahaha…

I just had a wonderful Chinese dinner with my entire family at the famous Peach Garden restaurant, located on the 33rd floor of OCBC Centre in the Central Business District. My uncle booked a private room at the swanky Cantonese restaurant for our tables because we wanted to get a good view of the fireworks and yes, it really was pretty  I brought a bottle of good red wine too… it’s a celebration afterall!

Peach Garden @ 33

Yours truly with Uncle Al (he’s the sweetest!) who was truly wise in picking the perfect venue for our big family CNY dinner!

Me and Spike… er, Uncle Dan. He lost his voice because he ate too much bahkua! Tsk tsk, greedy boy!

Me and Alex, my cousin who just came back from his work stint in Australia. I really love him for being such a fantastic big brother to me when I was a kid. He was forever patronizing me and my whims! Haha…

Me and Uncle Patrick, Alex’s dad who is my father’s eldest bro. He bought me my first Ninja Turtle action figure (Donatello!!!!) and for that he’ll always be immortalized and worshipped by me. Seriously. No one would get one for me back then because they frowned on tomboyish toys for girls (me being the unfortunate first and then-only girlie in the family) but Uncle Pat was cool!

Me and my cousin Winston, Alex’s big brother who studied in Manchester. He just came back from a holiday in Paris with his girlfriend Christina… sweet!

My cousin Lionel, his wife Jeslyn & yours truly. They’re a fabulous couple really, a real match in heaven! I love Lionel’s car. Nothing beats the smell of leather when you climb in!

Lionel’s mom, my eldest aunt. Ah Ko’s head got a bit cut off due to the framing (the typical problem with self taken portraits) so here’s take two…

Hee hee… success!

Me and Grandma!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 She kept saying that she looks old but I’ve never seen a more beautiful 82 year old! *grin* You can call me bias for all I care. Grandma kept chiding me for ‘wasting money’ on getting her a giant hamper for CNY. LOL. Why can’t I pamper her? Afterall, I was the most mischievous grand daughter she has, who always made her worried. Still am, I think. Heh. But in my defense, I certainly am a lot more behaved now!

My folks all lovey dovey…

Daddy-O showing off his “bling”. I love my Dad. He’s the coolest father in the world, bar none.

Me and my sisters… all three of us have our own unique ‘look’ 🙂 Mom always likes to call us her “Charlie’s Angels” because we’re a trio. I wanna be the one that kicks the most butt. Ha!

Fireworks somehow look smaller when you’re looking down from the 33rd floor but nevertheless, it’s a pretty display!

A big thank you to everyone who sent me CNY wishes, I really do appreciate them. It’s really fantastic to know I’m in your thoughts! Once again, here’s wishing you the absolute best for the New Year. May the Year of the Rat be your best yet! 🙂


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