NFEC Preview Show and discussion

This afternoon saw the Mighty Magic Factory team do our NFEC preview show for the council, with some kids invited to watch and give their reviews as well. It went well and everyone loved it, much to our delight! The members from the council observed the children’s reactions since that’s who we’re playing for – we’re not out to bootlick grown-ups here, our job is to educate the young in a creative way & the kids evidently enjoyed what was presented to them.

I find it so awesome that NFEC’s awarded us the official contract as their sole vendor for the 60 school shows across the country because it certainly wasn’t easy putting everything together and presenting it accordingly. The team’s put in lots of effort and hard work into this, so it really made my day today as well when we learnt that SCDF (Singapore Civil Defense Force) will also be booking our NFEC “Emergency… Be Prepared!” show for their various public events as well! *big grin*

The Mighty Magic Factory team involved with the NFEC project, with yours truly in white

Presenting part of the Mighty Magic Factory gang today… Tuffy, Captain Amazing (aka Shawn Chua), Kenny the Friendly Chicken, Jody the Fire Girl, yours truly, Jerry the future Project Campus Superstar & Wizo the Magic Genie!

Captain Amazing gets outwitted by his obnoxious side-kick, Kenny the Friendly Chicken (KFC for short)… D’oh!

Finale number where everyone comes out for the funky song and dance…

Jerry and Wizo are a big hit with the kids!

The children palpably enjoying themselves and freely participating 🙂

We had to rush back to the office after the meeting with the council was over as there were many urgent things to settle and we had an external Concept:Magic meeting in the evening. Something REALLY big and exciting is coming up and this concerns our dearest ‘Iron’ Will, who’s South East Asia’s only professional escape artist if you didn’t already know *grin* More on that in just a bit once things are all firmed up!


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