Grab your limited edition FHM lovebox deck today!

Hee hee… yes, I managed to get a copy of FHM Feb08, where these specially made playing cards come included because they’re not sold separately. It’s quite cute that this Queen of Hearts card features me (ok fine, ‘Magic Babe’), holding the Queen of Hearts *grin* Pretty much like a picture within a picture. Neat!

Anyways, I met up with Mabes early this afternoon when she done with church and we went on a shopping spree in town. By the time we parted ways at 9pm, I had shopping bags from Karen Millen, Guess, Mango and more. Now, I’m NOT a brand whore and I hardly ever feel the urge to shop so this was one of the super duper rare occasions where I just explode and totally let loose. I did feel a wee bit of a twinge of guilt on the ride back home but then I thought about it and conclude that well… I work so damn hard, I better pamper myself because no one else is going to do that for me!

I found a pair of uber chic heels in a fashionable shoe boutique at Wisma Atria that I completely fell in love with and it was so very ‘Magic Babe’ish!!!! Speaking about heels, I can’t believe Mabes has over 48 pairs of shoes… the girl’s crazy, but she definitely has a savvy fashion sense and we talked about her opening a high-end fashion boutique here soon, in the very near future. Mabes would be flying up to Hong Kong after CNY for a buying trip and I’m really excited about the prospects.

Mabes chilling out with me over a cuppa at TCC because we needed a break from all that walking and shopping…

Righty, I gotta get some rest now. It’s a Sunday tomorrow but definitely no Sabbath for me because we’ve got to work. Meanwhile, do check out the upcoming March issue of magicseen, UK’s top magic magazine for an exclusive interview with yours truly! *wink*

Enjoy what’s left of the weekend!



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  1. Supreme Magus

    You should actually have a section in this website that indicate where and when are your next performances so that fans of yours can follow-up on your magic trials…..however early notifications should be well published in the website as well…..I know I will…..

    Supreme Magus

  2. admin

    Hey there, thanks for your vote of confidence! 🙂

    I mostly perform for private events for corporate crowds but I do have the occasional public show, for instance, last Dec’s opening of a mall & last Oct’s TRIPLE ACTZ theatre show *grin* Stay tuned to my humble blog for updates and all. There’s actually something coming up real soon!

    Thanks much!

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