Matthew had a close-up gig at a corporate function at One Fullerton this evening so J C and I met up with him after work. Matt’s one of the finalists of last year’s Legerdemain close-up magic competition hosted by Singapore Magic Circle and he’s our latest addition to the Concept:Magic family of close-up workers.

Our event partner initially wanted me but they didn’t have the budget (oops) so they got Matthew instead but he certainly wow-ed the crowd and the client was very happy, so naturally our event partner was impressed and she says that she’ll definitely use us again. *grin*

Dinner was at Lerk Thai restaurant and after the spicy dishes, I had a craving for good ice-cream so the guys humored me and we adjourned to Andersons for some scrumptious dessert after. Hehehe… I had a really tiring day at work so this was a fantastic pick-me-up before I headed home.

Simply gorgeous! Mmmmmmmm…

J C & Matt all poised to attack this welcoming treat after a long day at work

Matt shows off his skill at chocolate fondue-ing ice cream!

Hehe… J C caught in the act!


On the way back, while Matt and J C were yakking away about reservist, I got a text message from a friend that I’ve been featured yet again on FHM. Yeahhh, if you didn’t know, ‘Magic Babe’ Ning had a juicy 6 page exclusive feature in their December 07 issue!

Apparently FHM Singapore’s now specially made an exclusive deck of playing cards for the month of February and ‘Magic Babe’ Ning is the QUEEN OF HEARTS in their limited edition pack! I think that’s really chic… and classy too! LOL… The Queen of Hearts is actually my favorite card so I thought it was just so apt. Being the Red Queen is certainly an uncanny coincidence 🙂 Do pick up a copy… you get to see 51 other hot babes! *wink*


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